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Meine Schule

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Meine Schule Here is a list of useful questions and vocabulary which will help you prepare your presentation on your school (you could use the idea given here or you could choose your own). Presentation idea You could talk about: * Where your school is, how large or small it is and how many pupils and teachers there are. ...read more.


What kind of school do you attend? Gesamtschule, Gymnasium, Bubenschule,M�dchenschule Wie kommst du zur Schule? How do you get to school? zu Fu�, mit dem Schulbus, im Auto Wie gro� ist deine Schule? How large is your school? gro�, klein, ziemlich gro� In welchem Jahrgang bist du? Which year are you in? ...read more.


When does school start/end? Es beginnt/endet um... Wie viele Stunden hast du am Tag? How many lessons do you have in a day? Wir haben... Tr�gst du eine Schuluniform? Do you wear a school uniform? Ich trage einen roten Pullover und graue Hose. Wie viele Hausaufgaben bekommst du pro Tag? How much homework do you get per day? Wir bekommen... Was willst du nach deinen GCSEs machen? What do you want to do when you finish your GCSEs? Ich m�chte... an der Schule bleiben/ arbeiten (was?) ...read more.

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