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Mes Vacances en France

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Coursework- Mes Vacances en France Il y a deux ans, j'ai fait un �change avec un correspondant fran�ais. Il s'appelle Mathieu. Il habite � Conches en Normandie. Je suis parti avec mes copains du coll�ge � cinq heures du matin! Nous sommes all�s en car � Portsmouth. Puis, nous avons pris le bateau au Havre. Pendant le voyage, j'ai mang� mon petit d�jeuner et j'ai regard� un film. C'�tait tr�s ennuyeux. Le voyage a dur� six heures et quand nous sommes arriv�s nous avons pris le car � Euro Disney. Le voyage �tait long. Nous avons travers� Paris et nous sommes arriv�s dans l'h�tel � sept heures. Apr�s �tre arriv�s nous avons d�n� dans un restaurant � Euro Disney. Le lendemain, nous avons visit� le parc. Il faisait mauvais, mais nous nous sommes bien amus�s. J'ai achet� un verre avec le Disney motif. ...read more.


J'y suis rest� un jour. Je l'ai trouv� tr�s int�ressant. J'ai achet� un jeu d'ordinateur. C'�tait pas cher. J'ai trouv� la langue assez difficile parce qu'ils ont parl� tr�s rapidement. Il fallait ecouter. Malgr� �a j'ai perfectionn� mon fran�ais beaucoup. Quand nous sommes partis j'�tais assez triste, mais j'ai voulu retourner chez moi. Pendant le retour j'ai mang� mon d�ner et j'ai regard� deux films. Je les ai trouv�s tr�s bons! Finalement j'�tais content de rentrer � la maison. L'ann�e prochaine je voudrais retourner en France avec ma famille pour visiter mon correspondant. Two years ago, I did an exchange with a French correspondent. It is called Mathieu. It lives in Conches in Normandy. I left with my buddies of the high school at five o'clock in the morning! We went by bus to Portsmouth. Then, we took the boat to the Havre. ...read more.


The hours for the high school were very different. One began to 8:30 and finished to 17:00. I ate to the cantine at noon. It was not good. Another day, we went to Paris. There was a lot of circulations! I brought up the Tower Eiffel. It was very high! Next we continued until the Fields Elys�es. The stores were very good, nevertheless, I not nothing bought because it was very dear. We went to Rouen for the good stores. I there remained a day. I found it very interesting. I bought a computer game. It was not dear. I found the language rather difficult because they spoke very quickly. It was necessary ecouter. Despite that I perfected my French a lot. When we left I was rather sad, but I wanted to return at my place. During the return I ate my dinner and I looked at two films. I found them very good! Finally I was happy to return to the house. Next year I would want to return in France with my family to visit my correspondent. ...read more.

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