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Moi, le matin, je me lve sept heures et demi. Au petit djeuner, je mange des crales avec du lait

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French work - coursework 1 In English 1) To be in good health, you generally have to eat well and do some kind of sport. You should avoid smoking because it is disgusting, and you should probably not go to bed too late, as both of these are thought to stunt you're growth. 2) Usually, I get up at about quarter past six because it takes me ages to get ready for school. Sometimes I don't eat breakfast because I don't like a lot of the cereals, but when I do, I usually eat fruit and a yogurt of occasionally toast. Generally I go to school on foot all week but recently I have been getting a lift in the car. ...read more.


I don't eat a lot of meat anymore and I really want to be a vegetarian. We always have something different to eat. 2b) At school, I don't play any sports except in P.E, where I play tennis at the moment - although I used to do long jump and discus in the summer. On Thursday nights I go to the gym with my mum and my two friends, Bianca and Claire. I have also started to jog, and am going to start bike riding every night with Claire. I did also recently start kickboxing but I didn't like it so I don't think I will go any more. I was so tired after I fist started all these things but as I got used to the exercise, I began to enjoy myself more and now I am happier because I am fitter. ...read more.


A midi, je mange � la cantine. Je mange beaucoup de l�gumes mais je n'aime pas beaucoup le chou-fleur et je d�teste les �pinards. C'est dommage parce que les �pinards contiennent beaucoup de vitamines. Quand je peux, je mange des fruits. Je pense que j' ai un r�gime �quilibr�. Le soir, je me couche toujours de bonne heure. 2b) Au lyc�e, on joue au basket et au handball. Pendantmon temps libre, je fais aussi beaucoup de sport. je fais du jogging tours les soirs et �a me d�tend. Je joue du tennis une fois par semain et je fais du judo depuis l'ann�e derni�re. Quand je peux, je fais de la natation ou e fais du v�lo. Samedi dernier, j'ai particip� � un mini-marathon. J'ai couru dix kilom�ters. C'�tait amusant mais j'avais mal aux pieds. ...read more.

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