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Mon cole/ collge s'appelle

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Mon �cole/ coll�ge s'appelle... My school is called... C'est une �cole moderne/ bien �quip�e. It's a modern school/ with good facilities. Je suis en classe de ...I am in the X year. (In France year 10 is troisi�me and year 11 is seconde) Talking about subjects. Here are some more key expressions. J'aime bien les langues. I like languages. J'�tudie l'espagnol depuis 2 ans. I have studied Spanish for 2 years. C'est .....int�ressant, utile, ennuyeux, difficile, facile, bon pour la sant�. ...read more.


e.g. J'aime bien l'EPS = I like P.E. a lot. In French, you must always put in le, la, l' or les before the subject, unless 1 You use "je suis fort(e) en ..................(I am good at...) 2 You use it with "parler". Je parle allemand. (I speak German). Talking about ambitions. Key phrases. Je voudrais bien �tudier l'espagnol l'ann�e prochaine. I would like to study Spanish next year. Je veux devenir architecte. I want to become an architect. ...read more.


Now I go by bus. You could do this with subjects as well. J'ai �tudi� les sciences g�n�rales, maintenant j'�tudie la biologie, la chimie et les sciences physiques. I studied.... now I study.... Je travaillerai et je gagnerai de l'argent I will work and earn money Je resterai au college I will stay at school Je voudrais faire... pour mon bac I would like to do A-Levels in... (name of subjects) Je continuerai mes �tudes � un autre college Je voudrais devenir.. I would like to be a... (name of job) J'irais � l'universit� I would go to university Je gagnerais beaucoup d'argent I would earn lots of money ...read more.

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