GCSE: Spanish

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How to achieve a high grade in GCSE Spanish

  1. 1 Give your opinion in your writing and speaking –

    Me gusta(n) -- No me gusta(n),

    Me encanta(n) -- Odio,

    Para mí -- En mi opinión -- Prefiero.
  2. 2 Use connectives to extend your sentences –





    por lo tanto para + infinitive,

  3. 3 Use past, present and future tenses and indicate them with time phrases/adverbs. If you are writing, for example, about healthy lifestyle it is a good idea to start with a paragraph talking about what you normally do, then something you did last week and finally what you plan to do in the future.

    Ayer fue a la playa.

    Normalmente como la ensalada .

    La semana que viene voy a ir al cine.

Three more things to do to ensure you get a high grade in GCSE Spanish

  1. 1 Check agreements of verbs and adjectives –

    Mi madre está cansada,

    Me encanta la música pop porque es fanàtstica

    Albondigas son deliciosas.
  2. 2 Use complex phrases to impress the examiner –

    Tener que + infinitiv,

    Mas (adjective) que,

    Menos (adjective) que.
  3. 3 Learn how to conjugate these important irregular verbs off by heart –

    Ser (to describe characteristics and permanent ideas),

    Estar (to describe temporary ideas and the place something is),




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GCSE Spanish will give you an introductory course in the worlds second most common language. Did you know that over 38 million people speak Spanish as their primary language in the USA alone? Add to that the number of speakers in Europe and Central and South America and you'll appreciate that Spanish is a very useful language to know. Like the other Modern Foreign Languages you'll be studying the grammatical rules of the language and a wide variety of grammar.

You'll be learning through the context of everyday situations so you can relate to the material. Using a variety of sources and media you'll develop skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and your eventual assessment will be in all four of those areas.

The written examination requires you to master a strong writing style and Marked by Teachers can help you with that. It has hundreds of Spanish assignments so that you can learn from a bank of great material. Having a GCSE pass in such a popular language is a very favourable accomplishment to have, both in the eyes of university admissions tutors and to potential employers.


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