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Vocab for reading

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le fleuve - river baisser les yeux - to lower one's eyes coinc� - stuck un hangar - a shed A slug - un lingot A llama - un lama A moth - une mite A toad - un crapaud A pond - un �tang Some popcorn - du ma�s �clat� A sieve - un passoir An earring - une boucle d'oreille A queen - une reine A fish tank - un r�servoir de poissons A trap - un pi�ge An armadillo - un tatou A fright - un effroi An otter - une loutre se casser la t�te - to rack one's brains un promoteur - a property developer le b�ton - concrete �tre en train de faire quelque chose - to be in the act of doing something taper - to hit se retourner - to turn round siffler - to whistle rendre - to give back ressembler � quelqu'un - to look like someone, to resemble someone valoir (il vaut) - to be worth un(e) rate - a failure laid - ugly �chapper � quelqu'un/quelque chose - to escape from someone/something �nerver - to irritate, to annoy pareil/pareille- similar, the same loucher - to squint, to eye up une blague - a joke avoir envie de faire quelque chose - to fancy doing something sourire - to ...read more.


�lever - to raise rien de bien - nothing good un quartier - a district of town croire � quelque chose - to believe in something se conduire - to behave, to conduct oneself grandir - to grow par hasard - by chance l'affaire - the business un casque - a helmet ailleurs - elsewhere un tiroir - a drawer un endroit - a place, a spot soup�onner - to suspect une vague - a wave sourire - to smile le capot - the bonnet la douceur - sweetness, gentleness �clabousser - to dazzle une �criture - handwriting serr� - tightly packed une citation - a quate citer - to quote � travers - through, across v�tu - dressed v�tir - to dress ressembler � quelqu'un - to look like someone maigre - skinny les ailes - wings creuser - to dig l'inverse - the opposite vide - empty un vide - an emptiness, a void avouer - to confess avoir du mal � faire quelque chose - to have difficulty doing something se tenir debout - to stand upright un naufrage - a shipwreck surprenant - surprising assis - seated faire des croquis - to do sketches s'enfoncer - to bury oneself, to immerse oneself oser - to dare se faire embaucher - to get employed emmener - to take (referring to people) ...read more.


la peine - to be worthwhile se faire prendre - to get caught gifler - to swipe se m�ler de quelque chose - to get mixed up in something voler - to steal s'acharner � - to persevere, to try desperately comploter - to plot, to plan d�clencher - to set off, to cause en vrac - in bulk, loose, higgledy piggledy ramasser - to pick up, to collect � l'avant - in front, at the front glisser - to slip, to slide r�fl�chir - to think, to reflect tracasser - to worry la veille - the day/evening before passer une nuit blanche - to spend a sleepless night fuguer - to run away errer - to roam d�cevoir - to disappoint d�cu - disappointed sans dipl�me - without qualifications un atelier - a workshop baisser les bras - to give in renoncer � faire quelque chose - to give up on something plonger - to dive chambouler - to shake up, to upset reprendre son souffle - to catch one's breath des tas de - heaps of, loads of soumettre - to submit barder - to make sparks fly mettre le feu � quelque chose - to set fire to something des insultes - insults une bombe de peinture - a paint bomb �tre majeur - to be an adult ...read more.

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