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Your part-time job

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Robert Sutton Catholic School Centre Number: 30065 Name : Dale Rutter Candidate Number : 0243 French Modular B. ...read more.


J'ai une pause � dix heures et � deux heures. Je prends le dejeuner � douze heures et demi. ...read more.


J'ai aquis la travaille parce que ma mere y travaille. Le Samedi dernier, J'ai envoy� des faxes � dix heures, J'ai class� les documents � dix heures et demi et J'ai utilise ordinateurs � midi. J'aime mon job parce que c'est bien paye. Apr�s mes examens, Je vais aller � l'universit�. J'esp�re etre veterinaire. Word Count : 127 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a 3 star piece of work. It is generally accurate and the writer tries to use different tenses, conjunctions and topic-specific vocabulary. In order to improve this piece of work, the writer needs to give more detail, more opinions, and try to use more complex constructions. The work also needs to be checked carefully for mistakes, as ideas are sometimes a little unclear.

Marked by teacher Sarah Benson 16/07/2013

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