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GCSE: Music

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 23
  1. How Historical and Social Events have affected Artists' Music

    But when the black church music started to become popular among white people and able to communicate to a wider audience there were some black artists that chose to leave their inheritance behind and take the church music to the night clubs. One of them was Ray Charles. He took the church music he had grown up to in Greenville, Florida and mixed it with blues. So instead of singing passionate and expressive songs about Jesus and the Bible, like his forefathers, he made songs about more earthy things.2 "He wanted to harness the emotional power of gospel to earthbound stories of what he would later call "love heartaches, money heartaches, pleasure of the flesh and pleasures of the soul.""

    • Word count: 3884

    The Gross National Product of the nation rose from $74 billion at the beginning of the decade to more than $104 billion in 1929. Wages were up. Workers had more money to spend, and they spent it on automobiles, home appliances, radios, phonographs, and popular entertainment, especially movies. Millions of ordinary Americans invested in the stock market for the first time as stock prices soared upwards. (WGBH Educational Foundation, 2000, Economic Prosperity) Because of the First World War, other countries owed the United States a lot of money, and therefore with the surplus of raw materials and plenty of factories the country was rather well-off in the 20s.

    • Word count: 3185
  3. The history of Music

    My aim will be to identify, explain and evaluate, with reference to musical examples, the impact on instruments and recording of the musical applications of technology, commenting on the impact of electric guitar, Hammond organ, amplification, synthesisers, decks, samplers personal computers, software, mono, recordings, the 7'' single, stereo, multi tracking, 12'' single, remixing and digital recording. Part 1 - Origins Throughout time music has changed drastically, from one extreme to another. Every origin of music has lead onto another from Gospel music to Soul, and Blues to Jazz.

    • Word count: 5319
  4. How does the music in Mozart's 'Die Zauberflöte portray good and evil?

    accompanied recitative applicable to German words; solemn choral scenes; and even a revival of the Baroque chorale-prelude technique with contrapuntal accompaniment, evident in Act two in the duet of the two armed men. 'The opera is replete with metaphor and symbolism that contrast light and dark, from characters who represent one or the other (Sarastro and the Queen of the Night, for example), through actions and dialogue that dramatise the conflict between them to imagery that underlines the theme. Day and night, good and evil, love and hate, friendship and enmity, forgiveness and revenge: all stand opposed in the opera.

    • Word count: 4212
  5. Ludwig van Beethoven, his life story and music from the Bonn peroid.

    He was also proficient enough on the piano and the violin to be able to supplement his income by giving lessons on those instruments as well as in singing. In November 1767 he married Maria Magdalena (1745-87), daughter of Heinrich Keverich, 'overseer of cooking' at the electoral summer palace of Ehrenbreitstein, and already the widow of Johann Leym, valet to the Elector of Trier; she was not yet 21. The couple took lodgings in Bonn at 515 Bonngasse. Their first child Ludwig Maria (bap.

    • Word count: 42709
  6. The Blues - socio-political context & influence on culture

    It was not until the Civil War of 1861-1865 that slavery was truly wiped out. President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 put an end slavery, though the black people were still to suffer for their independence for many years to come. 'Goin' South where the Southern cross the dog..' W.C. Handy remembered 1903, the first time he saw a poor black man wearing ragged clothes sitting playing the guitar by Mississippi Station, using a pocket knife as a slide. He had never heard anything like it before.

    • Word count: 3506
  7. Rock And Roll - analysis of the different styles of Rock.

    It rooted from garage rock and traditional Punk Music. Punk Rock was very similar to Punk Music but tended to have a heavier beat. These bands created fast, hard-edged music; typically the songs were around two minutes long, for example the band Ramones?s debut album, had fourteen tracks, half of which were under two minutes. Lyrics are a very important aspect to Punk Rock bands, as these lyrics were often political and anti-establishment. A typical Punk Rock instrumentation includes one or two electric guitars, an electric bass, a drum kit and vocals. Most early Punk Rock songs retained a traditional Rock 'n' Roll verse-chorus form and 4/4 time signature.

    • Word count: 3162
  8. Comparing and Contrasting the life and works of Bach and Mozart

    Mozart?s music is considered the archetype of the Classical style, with clarity, balance, and transparency, hallmarks of his work. Progressively, Mozart brought back in the contrapuntal complexities of the late Baroque period, but moderated and disciplined by new forms. In this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting the lives of the two most famous composers of their time; Bach and Mozart, on how different their lives were, they?re history, and the eras they lived in, and the contrast in the pieces that they wrote; ?Symphony No. 40 in G minor? by Mozart, and ?Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F major? by Bach.

    • Word count: 3577
If you like Music and you’re learning an instrument then Music GCSE is a wise choice. You’ll be exposed to a wonderful variety of musical styles and genres and you’ll develop an appreciation of the theory of music too. One day you may be listening to Handel’s Messiah the next you may be listening to some 1950’s Chicago jazz. You may not appreciate just how wide the variety of music is but by you will do by the time you finish the course. The style of assessment varies a little from specification to specification but broadly you’ll be marked on composition, performance, listening and written answers. The nature of written answered questions in Music GCSE may well be a little different to what you may be expecting so it’s good that Marked by Teachers has a wide variety of essays and answers many of which have been marked and reviewed by experienced Music teachers. Access these and you’ll find plenty of material to learn from. Of course it may be a little early to be thinking about what to study after GCSE but if you are thinking of taking Music further then you’d be advised have to have a good grade at GCSE under your belt.

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