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Appraisal of Greased Lightin from Grease

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The genre of this piece is modern blues it has the basic 12 bar blues and the basic chords of C, F+G. I chose this piece to listen to as it is a good example of a modern blues piece it uses the same structure as traditional blues, and yet it is more lively and sounds more like disco music. My first impressions were that this is a piece I could get into. I could get a beat and have a little dance to whilst listening to it. ...read more.


I think the composer's intention was to create a lively bouncy modern piece by using the traditional blues chords but jazzing them up a bit, the drums give a good beat that you can hear and get into but it does not overpower the other instruments. The guitar in the middle of the piece the is a question and answer where the guitar trumpets and tapping of performers feet all play on there own with little background music almost like a question and answer. ...read more.


The structure if the piece is tree pieces you have part A with all of the instruments together, then part B with each instrument playing alternately, then back to part A which is repeated again. The composer maintains interest by adding improvisations by the instruments. There is a big improvisation in the middle of the piece, which really grabs your attention. My personal view on this piece is that it is very lively and is a great piece of music to listen to if you're in a funky mood. BY Aimee Rendle ...read more.

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