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Autobiography - personal writing.

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Personal Writing By: Eric S. Berkowitz Pledge: ___________________ English 12 AP 9/19/02 Period 6 Mr. Storino I was born. It was a hot summer day in Wilmington, Delaware. The day was July 2nd, 1985. My mother had been pregnant for 9 months and 2 weeks. It was a weird pregnancy, started by me being conceived while my mom was on birth control, to a constant arguing between my parents that eventually led to their divorce when I was 2. By the time I was 4, my mother had remarried a remarkable man who I live with and love very much today. I still see my father, who remarried when I was about 9, every couple of months. We had a better relationship when I was younger, but just has his dad and he did, and his grandfather and his son, we have slowly drifted apart and have a somewhat strained relationship. Since I started in school, I have excelled in every class I partook in. ...read more.


I am either going to Virginia Tech, James Madison University, or Mary Washington College. I will most likely major in business whichever school I attend. After college, I am not sure of what I want to do. Some thoughts I have are going to law school and becoming a lawyer or possibly even joining the F.B.I as an intern during college and joining afterwards. It really just depends on how I do in college and where I seem to excel. I am willing to go wherever my skills and brain can take me. Something I enjoy an extreme amount is music. When it comes to music, I am eclectic; I like everything from classical music to rap to alternative rock. My absolute favorite band or musician would be the Dave Matthews Band. His guitar skills are absolutely memorizing and I find his lyrics and singing to be amazing. No matter what mood I'm in, I can put in a Dave CD, and be happy. ...read more.


I did this, and to continue playing a fall sport I started playing volleyball as a junior. I am not very good at volleyball, unfortunately. I was just good enough to make the team. I am called the captain of the b-team in jest, which is not a very respected role, but I guess being captain of the b-team is better than being the worst player on the b-team. But, no matter what I play or what I do, I always have support from the people who mean most to me. My friends and family mean more to me than anything in this world. As long as they are happy and safe, I am happy. School and sports are important, but I am nothing without those I care about. Whether it's my dad, mom, step-mom, step-dad, older sister (Alexis), younger sister (Brittany), younger brother (Ryan), my best friends (Amy Gray, Derek Altizer, Stephen Partin, and Katie Joyce), or my girlfriend (Jordan Dougherty), as long as they are happy, that is what matters most to me. They are the ones who bring smiles to my face, and love to my heart. ...read more.

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