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Critical Review of St. Martin's Chamber Choir

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Eleanor Dickinson Critical Review The concert I attended was Thou Little Tiny Child: Christmas With St. Martin's. The concert took place at St. John's Episcopal Church in Denver on December 19. The type of music performed was choral and chamber choir music. This concert was very beautiful. Musical Selection 1-Coventry Carol and various arrangements I chose this piece because, first, I really like the Coventry Carol, and second, because of how it was presented in this concert. In the concert they started with Coventry Carol, sang another song, sang a different arrangement of Coventry Carol, sang another song and so forth. I really liked the idea of using the same melody, but having different arrangements to add variety. I liked this concept quite a bit. The sound of each arrangement varied. ...read more.


This piece seems very ancient to me, which is another appealing factor to me. In this piece, the soprano voices sing the haunting melody. The altos help to move the melody along with the harmony. The lower voices create a wonderful, constant, backdrop for the evocative melody lines. This piece seems to be very layered, one line comes in strongly, and then another very soon after while the previous line was still going. Once again, I don't believe I know enough about singing to describe how the musicians produced the musical effects I heard, except to say I know there was some syncopation in this piece. Musical Selection 3-Meciendo by Leanna Kirchoff I am including this piece because it deviates from typical St. ...read more.


It was a cool effect. You know what I'm going to say here, right? But one thing in this piece I did notice about the singers was that they had to breathe more often, not that that makes any difference at all. I wouldn't know. The concert Thou Little Tiny Child was an extremely enjoyable concert, as all St. Martin's concerts are, but I did especially enjoy this one. I really enjoyed the venue, it's really gorgeous in there, and the singing is just fabulous. I especially enjoy all the really, really, old music, such as Vox in Rama, but Meciendo was a very interesting and good change from the usual. I believe that the concert's general impression on me as the listener was that it made me really want to go listen to some more choral music and also it left me feeling inspired, as good concerts should. ...read more.

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