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Dear Mr Corrin - I wish to apply to be a Prefect.

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4 Bradley Fold Road Ainsworth Bolton BL2 5QD 25 May 2004 Dear Mr Corrin I wish to apply to be a Prefect. I would like to be a Prefect because I would be making a worthwhile contribution to school life, and also as it will be a good point of discussion when I am applying for college places or jobs. I consider I would be good as a Prefect as I am reliable, this is shown by the fact that I turned up every day, on time, while I was on work experience. Another example of my reliability is that I am taking an extra GCSE in Geography, which means I have to attend after school every week and by the fact that I turned up for voluntary work at Bleakholt when I had arranged to, even though I had to go alone, as other people were too busy. ...read more.


I am loyal and honest, I respect people, as long as they pay me respect, and this can be shown by the respectful way I treated people (and animals) while on work experience. Furthermore I am trustworthy and never lie, even if it would be for my own benefit. While I have been at Tottington High School I feel that I have achieved a lot, in year seven I received a French commendation award, in year eight a Science commendation, and in year nine the year nine Science prize. I have also taken singing lessons, which I feel improved my musical abilities and confidence, although as I didn't take music for a GCSE I no longer sing. ...read more.


I also enjoy skateboarding at weekends, especially in the summer. I have recently started volunteering at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary at weekends, and will be attending during the upcoming holidays, I learn a lot from the people that work there and enjoy taking care of the animals, especially the cats and old dogs, I am greatly interested in all animals and watch channels such as 'Animal Planet' and read books on such matters to broaden my knowledge. Another hobby I enjoy is computers, I enjoy learning about computers and the Internet. At the end of year eleven I want to go to college, preferably Holy Cross, and study I.C.T, Psychology and Biology, I also want to study Chemistry or Psychics, although I don't enjoy the latter two I will need these to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare at University, which is what (all going well) I plan to do. Yours sincerely Hollie Stride (10Y) ...read more.

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