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Development of Music as a Therapy

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Running head: Development of Music as a Therapy Development of Music as a Therapy Lorie Ceal Grand Canyon University Intro to Human Communication Theory June 21, 2009 Development of Music as a Therapy The development of music as a therapy spans a vast amount of time. On the History of Music Therapy website we discover that music has always been used for therapeutic reasons. The evidence lies in; "cathartic and hypnotic uses of music in primitive tribes, Apollo - who was the god of music and medicine, drumming healers of India at Delphi, and cave drawings of musical shamans". (History of Music Therapy, n.d.) There seems to have always been a connection between music and emotion. ...read more.


The context of the paper was to present the case for music therapy and point out fundamental principles and a basis for music therapy practice. (History of Music Therapy, n.d.) Then, according to Notwen, in the United States, in the year 1789 an article was published in Columbia Magazine called 'Music Physically Considered'. It was a theory consideration piece about the affects of music on healing the human body. Due to this theory "scientific and anecdotal validation occurred". (Notwen, 2003) In the 1940's music therapy finally became accepted as a treatment modality in a number of hospitals and treatment centers, due in great part to the support of top psychiatrists like Karl Menninger. (Notwen, 2003)Some of this validation occurred when musicians would visit veteran hospitals after world wars I and II. ...read more.


(Notwen, 2003) The AMTA "is the largest professional association which represents over 5000 music therapists, corporate members, and related associations world wide." (American Music Therapy Association, n.d.) The AMTA states that their mission is "the progressive development of the therapeutic use of music in rehabilitation, special education and community settings". (American Music Therapy Association, n.d.) They continue to oversee the curriculum and set standards to become a music therapist in any number of the schools that offer it as a degree program. Once an individual completes an approved program and internship, They are then required to pass a national exam given by the Certification Board of Music Therapy. (American Music Therapy Association, n.d.) We can see music as a therapy has had all of time to develop from its lax beginnings to the professional and regulated entity that it is today. From the beginning of time, until the end, music will remain universally healing. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a well written essay that contains lots of quotes from a number of sources. I would have liked the writer to have gone into more detail in places (see sticky notes above). They could have also extended the amount of references they referred to as it is quite a limited list.

Marked by teacher Nathan Smith 19/03/2013

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