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Gradually the Short, Sharp Ringing of My Alarm Clock Enters My Ears.

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Gradually the short, sharp ringing of my alarm clock enters my ears. My eyes slowly adjust to the dim morning light filtering in through the curtains. Reluctantly I lower my weary body onto the floor, and weave past the obstructions that are littered upon it. I steady myself down the stairs and into the kitchen, to prepare my breakfast. I always make sure there is time for cereal, even if it does leave me in a rush to get ready for school! Often I cycle to school. If the weather is inclement I walk with other friends that live close by. Upon entering the form room I find my class mates all involved in deep conversations on the previous days' antics and actions. On Mondays and Thursdays the colloquy frequently changes into light hearted arguments focused upon the football matches played the previous day. This usually invokes a reaction from our boastful form French tutor, who teases us over the sporting achievements his nation has achieved. In retaliation we often challenge him to either matches of tennis or football. Surprisingly he is always injured, and cannot take up the challenge. During the school day, although I am attentive and take part in lessons, I find it hard to concentrate. ...read more.


Although I enjoy football, it does have negative aspects. It tends to take up a lot of the weekends, and after completing my homework in the afternoon, by the evening I am too tired to do much else! When I was younger, I dreamt of playing football professionally, yet one Sunday afternoon saw this ambition to deteriorate. During the evenings I like to release my tension by exercising at the gym. Listening to my walk man motivates me into working harder and pushing myself harder. I consider myself to have a wide range in taste for music, yet when I exercise I prefer to listen to bands such as 'Korn', 'Limp Bizkit', and .'Rage Against The Machine'. Generally other people of my age don't seem to agree with this 'alternative' type of music. However I find the strong beat of the drums, and thought provoking lyrics, motivates me into working harder. Most of my friends enjoy listening to 'garage' music. However I find that the random bleeps produced over a backing track are, unimaginative, repetitive, uninspirational, and often causes me headaches! Other people like 'R and B', but yet again I find this to be irritating. Pop music, is perhaps an ironic title, because as far as I am concerned it is very unpopular. ...read more.


Next season I will probably leave the team as I feel the club is not in tandem with my standards, however I have not decide yet which club will be lucky enough to have me! Football is of great interest to me, and I follow it fanatically. I support Arsenal football club, although my attendance to Highbury stadium has dropped, I still watch Arsenal whenever I feel I have the time available, which is hardly ever! Although I am a devoted Arsenal adherent, I have been attending Highbury since I was 7, when tickets are unavailable I watch other local teams play such as Watford Crystal Palace, Gillingham, Fulham, and even Wealdstone, an amateur side, with a dedicated following of approximately 200! I have been to the legendary Wembley Stadium, and witnessed some amazing matches there, however not when England were playing! I have neglected to regularly watch England play, as in my opinion the ticket price was not proportional to the standard of the match. The best match I have seen at Wembley was when Gillingham played ________________ in the Division two play offs, with the victor of the two sides being rewarded with a place in Division One. At the time Gillingham were being managed by Peter Taylor, who was controversially sacked as England Under 21 manger despite winning all the qualifying matches without conceding a goal. ...read more.

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