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I am going to be comparing two items involved with music, and discussing the different styles of these items. One of these items is an article by Sydney J. Harris giving his views on modern day music and the people who listen to it.

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Media Coursework I am going to be comparing two items involved with music, and discussing the different styles of these items. One of these items is an article by Sydney J. Harris giving his views on modern day music and the people who listen to it. The other one of these items is a poster, advertising a new album for a band called Suede. The article by Sydney J. Harris is called 'Blasting out Music to Drown out Reality'. This title has been written in formal standard English in big bold writing so it stands out. The beginning of the article starts off with a box of questions that the writer wants the reader to analyse their views on what they really think about music. This box stands out immediately and is used to isolate the readers thinking before they start reading. The article itself has a textbook layout. The article begins with the line '' The contractor sent around two, sullen, slack-jawed young assistants.'' Already this shows the writers prejudice and an abnormal image is given to the reader with the use of these two words. The writer straight away seems to be judgemental. The writer then goes on to say 'they brought with them inevitably as standard equipment for the job, a powerful portable radio which kept blasting away for the full afternoon'. ...read more.


At the end of this paragraph he describes the day as a ''God-given afternoon in a serenely sylvan setting.'' The writer's literation is extremely well written. The writers descriptive words are well used as he is trying to draw the reader into thinking how he does and it has worked or else you wouldn't keep reading. He has also been biased and prejudice which is very convincing but he still cannot seem to see the two sides of music. Sydney J. Harris thinks that people only listen to music to shut out the real world. The writer, later on in the article, talks about loud music accounting for the incessant use of drugs and booze. The word ''booze'' is written informally which is the first informal word he has used. Then the writer talks about music being the celebration of nature and an exploration of the human spirit. He then talks about past famous music artists and says 'Bach elevates us, Mozart delights us, Beethoven deepens us'. These are written in present tense which shows that the writer listens to this type of music and shows that these are opinions not facts because not everyone listens to Beethoven or Bach and because people don't listen to the music the writer does, so he is annoyed. This shows that the writer definitely cannot see the different sides of music. ...read more.


The Guardian is a well respected newspaper and it is uncommon for these words to be used in normal news reporting. Melody Maker, again very well respected, have said the band to be 'still undoubtedly the best band in Britain .This is biased towards the album which is similar in a way to the other item as the writing is biased towards the subject it is describing. However this is promoting blasting music that the other leaflet is so against. The famous, magazine Q has described the new album as 'easily their best and most wholly realised album'. This is again a very well respected magazine and again is biased. However this is an advertisement so is deliberately biased or else people wouldn't buy the product. There isn't much written on this item but it is aimed at music fans this is shown by its cool and trendy appearance. A website is given at the bottom showing how modern this item is and how 'trendy' and 'cool' it is. This is a very good use of ideas to promote the item by using vibrant colours to attract the reader's attention whereas the other item just had the layout of a textbook with no pictures at all. This item also uses very little writing and the writing used is in a form that appeals to it's readers. This item is more effective in it's technique of convincing the reader of the points being made. ...read more.

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