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Penalty Fare

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Penalty Fare If you have done everything wrong in your relationship, one day you know that it's the last chance you'll ever get to do it right, and then you miss it by an accident. Then it will hurt, you'll get angry and frustrated, and you will say that it is not fair. Then you forget that you cannot control everything, and you probably know that already, but it's harder to face reality, when it's you it's about. In the short story "Penalty Fare," is Paul's relationship to Tammy not working out, and you get the impression when you are reading the text that it's because of his irresponsibility, they aren't together anymore. He misses her, and thinks if she comes back, then he won't feel so miserable anymore. ...read more.


The title "Penalty Fare" is an ironic way of telling that sometimes it feels like we are being punished for things we do by accident. Like with Paul, he gets his punishment because he misses his chance to make up with Tammy, and it's like he is being punished for his irresponsibility from the old times. He says that: "It wasn't my fault but there's nothing I can do about it.2" He tried to get a new start but he failed, and instead of taking this as a lesson in life, he is in denial, and wont face the reality, which we can see in the ending. He goes out and buys a bottle of vodka, because that's the easy way to handle his problems. ...read more.


You have to deal with it, because life goes on, even though you don't want it to. Translation Last year the French scientists did a very interesting find: a seven millions year old skull of a human. The skull was found in southern Sahara, an area that was fertile and wooded, at that time the owner of the skull was alive. One has founded six million year old fossils, which show the first signs of human origin, but further back in time you know only a bit about the human's development. In despite of that the latest find has many human similar features, should there yet be more finds, so the scientists with certainty can reject the theory about that we are descended from the monkeys. 1 p. 2 line 31 2 p. 4 line 134 Saiqa Khan 3z 10 May 2007 1 of 2 ...read more.

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