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The character of Robert in 'Amy'.

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Robert Essay Like all humans Robert too has both negative and positive characteristics. His tainted characteristics include resentment of successful people, particularly since he is not making a success of his own musical career. However it is music which forms a common bond between the protagonist Amy and himself. It is through music that Robert's genuine kindness and sensitivity reaches Amy and helps her to recover from her guilt of the tragic death of her father Will Erker. Robert is a genuine character who contributes highly towards Amy's recovery. The flaws in Robert's character are a result of his dwindling musical career. Robert is obviously unemployed as he is always at home working on songs with strange lyrics. The song "Bobby ate a hotdog an hour before he fell" is a strong contrast to the highly successful songs of Will, which were still popular three years after his death. Robert's restricted wardrobe and the shack like residence he shares with his mentally disturbed sister are also evidence of his failures. ...read more.


Robert's genuine character is constantly flowing throughout the film; which is more obvious to the audience than his flaws. The common bond of music formed the foundation upon which Robert's and Amy's relationship grew. It was only after Amy and Tanya moved to the city that Amy's ability to hear and sing music was discovered. Even in the city Tanya's choice of turning off the radio when ever one of Will's songs came on is the result of Tanya not picking up Amy's selective hearing and speech. On the other hand with Robert, Amy is once again able to share the common bond of music (she had once shared with her father), and reveal her ability to sing and her music. Robert not only recognizes Amy's condition but he is also able to bridge the gap in Amy's life left by her father. The audience was given the first indication of the role Robert would play in Amy's life through the scene of them in the lush green park, running and singing; a replica of an opening scene where Amy is running through the golden grass of outback Australia with Will. ...read more.


One of Tanya's "... I never really talked about... it was too painful..." (Wills death) was her admission of her pain and her ignorance of Amy's. Accidental happenings were more responsible for Amy's recovery than Robert in the sense that they created the situations in which Robert was able to hear Amy. If it wasn't for Amy observing the car of the Welfare workers and subsequently hiding in Robert's yard, Robert may never have had the opportunity to hear her sing. Accidental happenings on a whole contribute more towards Amy's recovery than Robert. Though Robert's genuine kindness and sensitivity along with his love for music are responsible for Amy's recovery it was the child psychologist and accidental happenings which played a more significant role in Amy's recovery. While Robert's central role in Amy's recovery withered, he was constant presence in Amy's and Tanya's lives. Though Robert was responsible for initiating Amy's recovery, it was Dr Urquhart and accidental events that contributed most towards Amy's recovery. ...read more.

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