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The history of Caribbean music goes back to the history of the Native Americans, the first inhabitants of the island.

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´╗┐World Music Assignment The music I chose to study is Caribbean. I have found Caribbean music to be quite interesting and their rhythm catchy rhythms are very funky. Caribbean music history is equally rich with tradition. The history of Caribbean music goes back to the history of the Native Americans, the first inhabitants of the island. Traditional tribal music which featured percussion instruments developed in the 1600s. Most music from the Caribbean is influenced by other cultures and countries for many years especially Africa and European. ...read more.


The styles range anywhere from traditional folk genres such as the Puerto Rican Aguinaldo and Jamaican mento to more contemporary music such as salsa and reggae. The Caribbean people are uniquely inventive when it comes to music. There is almost a different rhythm for every island. Caribbean music uses a wide range of instruments. They use percussions (bongos, steel drums, tambourine, claves, maracas, etc); they also use strings (guitar, banjo, cuatro, sitar, etc). All these instruments play melody as well as rhythm. ...read more.


While the rattles, banjo, guitar combine which they create a harmonic accompaniment. Also there sometimes is a simple harmony based on repetition of two chord patters. Caribbean music uses mainly two devices, pentatony and call- and- response. Jamaican music is used for celebration, to tell stories, entertainment and to join men and women together (dancing) and special occasions. Many people love the music of the Caribbean because of their strong beats and funky rhythms. Jamaican music is deeply entrenched in the musical culture of the world, and will likely continue to that way for a long, long time. http://www.definitivecaribbean.com/specialinterest_music.aspx http://library.thinkquest.org/15413/styles/carribean.htm http://www.destination360.com/caribbean/history http://gocaribbean.about.com/od/CaribbeanMusic/Caribbean-Music.htm http://www.niceup.com/history/ja_music_59-73.html A guide to music- Around the World by Peter Dunbar Hall By Matthew Ha 7 White ...read more.

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