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6 Week Football Training Programme

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6 Week Football Training Programme Specificity My training program is for football and it is based over a six-week period. The exercises are specifically suited to what is needed to play football. The Training programme is specified to improve the aspects listed below therefore there will be no skills involved in this circuit. My circuit is aimed to improve the following over a six-week period: muscular endurance, muscular strength, speed, agility & cardiovascular endurance. These are all needed for an outfield football player. For example: � Muscular Endurance - To keep the muscles contracting for the full length of the match without them becoming tired or weak. � Muscular Strength - the force your muscles exert when they contract. This is an important part of football as it is a contact sport and it is also very physical, players need to be able to guard the ball and hold other players off when they are challenging for the ball. Also muscular strength is useful when taking a throw-in, good muscular strength in the abdominal muscles is required to throw the ball higher and further to reach a player that is a long distance away from the touch-line. ...read more.


Equipment � 20 Cones � Bench � Mats � 1 Measuring Tape � Stopwatch Session 1 (sports centre and fitness suite) The order in which the exercises are to be done are: Warm up including stretches>> The Circuit >> Warm Down Warm up & Stretching - The warm up is very important, as the exercises you will be doing are very demanding. The warm up will increase the blood flow and heart rate, warm up the muscles, warms and loosens joints. This will prevent any injuries to the muscles or joints. I will start by lightly jogging for approximately 3 mins. I WILL NOT SPRINT!!!. Then I will move on to some dynamic stretching. For example, rotating hips and arms. Then stretch all the major muscles used for football, each stretch should be held for a period of 8 - 10 seconds. The muscles that need to be stretched are: 1 .Hamstrings 2. Quadriceps 3. Gastrocnemiuis 4. Triceps 5.Deltoids 6.Trapezium Station One On this station you have to start at the line, sprint to the first cone then sprint back to the line then sprint to the second cone, then sprint back to the line then sprint to the third cone, then back to the line. ...read more.


seated legs press - This will improve the muscular strength of my gastrocnemiuis, hamstrings and quadriceps needed to kick the ball further and hit more powerful shots � The pec deck - This will improve the muscular strength of my pectorals, biceps, triceps, and deltoids needed to shoulder barge people from the ball. � The abdominal crunch - This will improve the muscular strength of the abdominal muscles. These are needed in general to move but this would also improve my agility as if the abdominals are stronger it will put less strain on them whilst moving quickly. Session 2 (Astroturf) This session will only include two stations. Station 1 This station will be a 12 minute run (running for 12 minutes and recording the distance travelled) This will be a good indication of the success of my training programme. If my training programme is working then my fitness should improve therefore my distance should improve every week. Station 2 This station I will do a 40m sprint and record my time each week. This should improve my sprinting giving me an advantage of being able to run on to a long ball before the defender gets it for example. On the next page there is a recording sheet ...read more.

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