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6 week training program

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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  1. Btec 6 Week Training Program

    in the days training I will do Activity Time(minutes) Fast walk 5 fast run 5 jog 7 up hill jog 5 fast skip 7 slow skip 1 the total time for the fartlek training will be 30minutues after I will do a 5 minute walk and a 5 minute stretch

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    Biceps Stretch - Stand tall, feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold your arms out to the side parallel with the ground and the palms of the hand facing forward. Rotate the hands so the palms face to the rear.

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    Ben's main weakness is that he cannot always pass accurately and under pressure, he sometimes gives out a bad ball that sometimes can cost a lot of space and maybe even the possession of the ball, also his initial pace sometimes does not show enough to get him the time

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    Our maximum aerobic capacity is called our VO2 max. It is the maximum amount of oxygen that can be transported to, and used by, our working muscles during exercise. If we have a high VO2 max we can use much more oxygen than other people. We can work our body at a higher rate for long periods and will suffer less fatigue than others with a lower VO2 max.

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    Overall there is a lot of room for improvement Health and skill related components of fitness: Health factors: "These health related factors are physiologically based and rely on the performers ability to meet the physical demands of the activity" Speed: Speed can be defined as: "The ability to put body

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    - walk to town (15mins) - tap dance (45mins) - jazz dance (45mins) - ballet dance (60mins) Tuesday Walk to and from school (80 mins) - rounders (60mins) Wednesday Basketball before school (30mins) - basketball or hockey after school (60mins)

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    My last consideration will be to make sure that my fitness plan fits around the sport I do at the moment as I have to make sure that I am not doing too much and risking burnout. I currently play football on Sunday and squash on Wednesday; I also do

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    So I will not do Press-Ups straight after I have done Tricep-Dips because the two use Biceps and triceps. This will prevent me from achieving my true potential when recording my results. I will also have a minimum of 2 minutes resting period between two exercises two allow my body to recover to as normal a level as possible.

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