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6 week Training Program (circuit training)

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6 week Training Program (circuit training) For my GSCE Coursework I decided to perform a circuit-training programme for the sport of tennis. This durated for six weeks. I am already an experienced tennis player so this is to be taken into consideration with training procedures and results. Circuit training involves a series of exercises taking places at a 'station'. Circuit training is generally 75% anaerobic and 25% aerobic system, it is used to improve the following; speed, muscular endurance, aerobic fitness, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and agility. My circuit is based around the aspects and skills needed to play tennis. My circuit would have different activities from that of a footballer for example; they would have exercises such as passing, shooting etc. A circuit needs to be specific to the sport undertaken. Aim My circuit-training programme is for a tennis player. It is based over a six-week period. The 8 stations are specifically suited to what is needed to play tennis. The Circuit is specified for a full court, singles player. My circuit is aimed to improve: racket/ball skills, speed, agility, muscular endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. These are necessary aspects needed to improve a tennis player's ability at the sport. In detail: Racket/ball Skills - If a player is in control of their racket and the ball they are hitting, their accuracy and spin etc applied will be much greater in match situation. ...read more.


Station Three This exercise concentrates on a player's chipping/slicing ability and accuracy; the hoops should be placed at the other end of the court (over the net). Hold a ball in one hand, the racket in the other line and hit it so it bounces in the first hoop. Then hit a ball so it bounces in the second hoop. Then hit it so it bounces in the third hoop. Then try to hit the ball so it bounces from one hoop to another. Repeat this procedure three times this can be done to improve both the forehand and backhand areas. Station Four This station is a press-up exercise. Achieve as many press-ups as you can in one minute. These will improve muscular endurance in the bicep and tricep muscles; this comes in use when improving the service, both power and spin application. Serving is explosive strength because it is done in one explosive movement. Station Five Station five is a rest period (maximum of 2 minutes) The participant can either stay standing (not sitting down) or stretch some of the muscles they have just used (small warm down). Station Six Place seven cones 1m apart then dribble (bounce up/down consecutively with the ball touching the racket each time) a ball in and out of them, catch the ball and sprint back to the start, repeat this activity consecutively for 1 minute. ...read more.


This resulted in more contacts, quicker therefore my score improved. The circuit was very demanding but was effective as it tested all the areas of importance. I found that my heart and breathing rate rose dramatically, resulting in each week of the programme being very tiring. If I was to do the programme again I would put in a recovery period between each station .I would also make the exercise time slightly less at the start of the programme so I could adjust to doing the exercises gradually. I would also make the programme last 12 weeks instead of six so that improvements were more obvious. Detecting them after just six weeks was quite difficult. The main point I found and would like to point out Is the fact that I am an experienced tennis player so some of the more technical side of my programme were less effective because I could already achieve them to above a satisfactory level (and so modest as well) so my programme may be more beneficial to a beginner. I do however feel that my endurances improved giving me a gain in more sports than tennis. Saying that this was because I overloaded my body in this six-week period and I am likely to lose this progression through the reversibility factor, which I doubt I will keep it up. My week went well altogether now and I feel I would like to improve other areas of my body. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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