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A health related exercise programme to improve performance

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A health related exercise programme to improve performance For Football Introduction Exercise is important to any person's health. It affects people's social, physical and mental wellbeing. The social effects on a person's life are that if they exercise, they may go for a jog with a friend or if they go to a gym or exercise class, they may meet people there. Exercise affects a person's physical wellbeing. This is because if a person exercises they will be fitter and also they may lose weight. Another aspect of a person's health that exercise affects is their mental wellbeing. If someone exercises, they will feel better within themselves. A balanced diet is essential. It is important not to have too much of one element, for example too much fat, because this will make the diet imbalanced and could cause me to put on weight or lose weight too quickly. To eat a well balanced diet, I will need to eat a range of different foods and keep a control on the amount of calories eaten. Preparation is essential. If you do not prepare for a sport, you could pull muscles, and maybe not even able to complete the activity. By preparing, you warm the body up and stretch to loosen the muscles. ...read more.


The equipment should always be used correctly. This is essential because if the equipment is used correctly, it lowers the risk of injury. The school venues also have certain safety aspects. I must ensure that there is a clear enough space to do the circuit. With also completing my circuit at home, I need to make sure that there is enough space to do the circuit and also that no cables or anything is in the way and may be tripped over. I will still have to consider that I don't overwork myself or get injured by not warming up or cooling down correctly as this could injure me and possibly stop me from doing the sport I am training for, for a few days or weeks. Plan The training I intend on doing will improve my cardio-vascular fitness and enable me to continue playing football for a longer period of time and shorten the length of the rest time I would need. By doing shuttle runs and gradually increasing the number of runs I do, this shows that I am able to do exercise for longer. By taking my pulse I am able to record how quickly my heart rate is returning back to my resting heart rate. ...read more.


Quadriceps Front of upper leg Keep your supporting knee slightly bent, keep your thighs parallel. Biceps Back of upper arm Keep your abdominals pulled tight and keep your weight evenly distributed through your feet. Deltoid Near shoulder Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Don't lock out elbows and fingers. Head up. Groin Groin Keep the knee of your leg straight leg slightly soft; keep your hips and shoulders facing forwards. Warm up / Cool down Guideline Evaluation I think that my plan was very good. I believe that I will have made a small improvement in the fitness tests I did at the beginning. I could prove or disprove this by repeating the tests again and comparing the results. My circuit went well for the sport I chose. I believe this because I aimed to improve my cardio-vascular fitness so that I did not tire out as easily. I also aimed to improve on my abdominal muscles which will help to keep me upright rather than slouching. Other muscles I aimed to improve were my hamstring, gastrocnemius and soleus muscles which will help me run, kick the ball and stand up. I feel I have done this sufficiently well by doing such exercises as squat thrusts, and step ups. And to work my deltoid and biceps I included such exercises as press ups and arm curls. The appropriateness of my exercise order works well by varying the ...read more.

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