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A Remarkable Triathlete Called Chris.

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As a boy he was brought up in a harsh and cruel environment with a drunk for a father and a drug addict for a mother. Despite this he has still turned out to be the best charity runner we have ever seen. During his school years the only escape he got from the horrible situation at home was running, swimming in his school's pool and stealing a ride on his mates' bikes, and that's just what he did, he became the world's best triathlete. He would always hang around with the girls from the school although it seemed that he was not going out with any of them but then who knows. From about the age of twelve he started to have an obsession about Hawaii and hula girls as well as grass skirts, getting him the nickname Hula man. He also ran for Kent and then later England, but found that it was not a huge amount of fun. ...read more.


He decided to train for a triathlon and replaced his running with swimming and biking to keep fit while his ankle healed. His first triathlon goal was the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Thinking everyone would be doing it without a wetsuit, he swam without one 3 days a week in the 53-56 degree water of SF Bay. When Hula man dreams, he dreams in challenges. Thinking about crossing the finish line that day stills gives him goose bumps. He has since completed the Vine man, Wildflower, Mike & Robs, Mount Sunapee Endurance and Hawaii Iron man Triathlons. Chris bought a computer in 1994 to make him more employable and to have a complete change from his 12-year stint as a cabdriver in San Francisco. He immediately found the newsgroup rec.sport.triathlon and became a regular contributor. He loved computers so much, before long he was making his own web site and Hula man's Simple Tri-Tips for beginning triathletes was born. ...read more.


For him, the Iron man seemed so unrealistic and crazy that only a superman would even think about it, but he finished with a smile on his face. His one requirement for training and competing is: if it's not fun most of the time, it's not worth doing. On the third Sunday of each May, Hula man can be found in outrageous attire at the intersection of Spear and Howard in San Francisco two hours before the start of the Bay to Breakers race. He designs and builds his costumes for the race when he gets away from work as a Technical Support Manager in Tucson. As for the Iron man, he hopes to always be a triathlete and wants to do all the different Iron man courses. He continues to compete at local events both in the triathlon and running. His newest goal is to complete an ultra-marathon and he aspires to do the Western States 100 miler. Will he do it in a hula-skirt? He wants to try! We are betting he will. How will you bet? Gavin Shaw 10.4 Page 1 ...read more.

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