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A view from…

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Daniel Roll´┐Ż A view from... My once shiny, mirror-like appearance is now reduced to a mud-stained spectre of my leather clad self. A thousand marches through dirt and dust have scuffed my material; the rain and snow have made of me a weather beaten rag. My insides fester and rot, my worn material mouldy from the putrid body fluids that have engulfed me so many times. I feel used and dirty, not the once gleaming, proud article of my hopeful past. I have changed, violated by the pain and suffering my colleagues and I endure every day. Hands, cut and scarred, pick me up roughly and fling me across the room. I am ripped open and the being thrusts his foot into me, stretching me and tearing my golden brown stitching. ...read more.


I curl up and wish I were somewhere else, warm and dry. Suddenly I hit a large rock and the last thing I hear is the man howling with pain... Later, as everything comes back into focus, soft hands caress my battered and bruised leather skin. A lovely feeling of a warm cloth wiping off all the dirt fills me with a sense of hope. Maybe now life will return to the glorious happiness of my childhood. The polish returns my sense of pride and restores me to my former glory. The soft hands lay me gently on a clean shelf. I settle down, suffused by a comfortable feeling. I am just about to relax again, when I spy a figure with cut and scarred hands advancing menacingly, his terrible shadow obliterating the warm light and turning me once more to stone. ...read more.


I am moving; there are tall shadowy figures standing over a long moving belt. I gasp. There are hundreds of others just like me. I am distracted by a loud metallic grinding noise. To my despair I am moving towards a pair of gnashing, gnawing, teeth. I am getting closer. I scream out, but my desperate noises are oppressed by the machine's psychotic laughter. I shake, like a nervous lamb being stalked by a wolf, but unable to do anything, I try to shut off my senses. This is it. I am beset by pain and agony; the noises reach deafening level. I am smashed to a thousand pieces as I gradually slip away into a slow, spinning sleep... I awake. The pain has gone. I look around at the paradise that surrounds me. The torture has ended. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment section.

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