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Action plan to improve backstroke.

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Section B: Action Plan Clear, realistic goals that are achievable I have identified my weaknesses and I have chosen 3 main goals that I need to clearly complete. A good way to plan and achieve these goals will be to use the acronym: SMARTER. * Specific - These goals need to be a particular aspect to my sport swimming. * Measurable - I need to know how I will measure my development during the programme. * Achievable - I would need to have a method to achieve the goals. * Realistic - The goals I choose need to be sensible, and not something like win an Olympic medal. * Timescale - I will choose to complete my programme over a sensible period of time 8weeks. * Evaluation - I will evaluate my programme at the end, to see how successful it went and if there were any problems. * Record - Throughout the programme I will write information to show of any improvements. Method of achieving goals My goals could be visualised as climbing a mountain, where my short-term goals are at the bottom and my long-term goals at the top. Short-term goal: My short-term goal is too improve upon my reaction time, specifically on my starts off the blocks and dives into the pool. This is an essential weakness in my performance, as in fitness testing a scored below average. A swimming start is vital because you have to respond to the stimulus quickly. In shorter races it can determine first and second place. To measure my progress I will video myself before I start the programme, and after I have completed it, then I will evaluate it to the perfect technical model. Also I will measure the time travelled over a dive of 15 metres and compare it to the time after the programme. I will concentrate on exercises to improve my reaction time, overall I will evaluate this by timing between when the stimulus occurs (starter guns) ...read more.


Saturday: Day off Sunday: 5.00- 6.00pm Swimming session, Warm-up 200m freestyle, 200m backstroke, 200m breaststroke, 200 choice kick. 6 x 50m fly, 6 x 50m backstroke, 6 x 50m breaststroke, 6 x 50m freestyle. 5 x 100 I.M 200m Steady swim down. Evaluation: Record of action plan in practice At the end I of this week I feel that I have enjoyed the swimming sessions more because I have performed different interesting sessions, especially on Monday and Tuesday. But I have still included exercises that I need to focus on to help me achieve my goals. Method by which I am going to achieve the goals: Week 5 Week 5 Aims: This week I will train 3 times in the pool and twice on land / gym. I will focus this week on backstroke drills and backstroke swim. These sessions will help me to achieve my long term goal of reducing my overall time and efficiency of stroke. Also I will concentrate on my speed training on land to help me to become faster at sprint running and achieve my medium term goal. Day: Time: Type of exercise: Monday: 5.30-6.30pm Swimming session, general warm-up doing each individual stroke. Main set of 2 lots of 5 x 200m Backstroke drills. 1st set with fins second set without. On each set concentrating on arm action and entr´┐Że into the water. The sets consist of: Single arm alternate at 25m, Shoulder raise, backstroke kick, Catch ups by your side, Vertical Catch ups. Finish off with 4 x 100m backstroke adding in practised drills. 100m Choice swim down. Tuesday: 5.00- 6.45pm Land training session, warm-up jogging for 10mins, stretch. Working on stride technique. 2 x 30 hoping alternate legs, 2 x 20 Single leg squats, alternating legs. 3 x 100m forward lunges. 3 x 200m medium pace running, 2 x 50m sprint Gentle stretch cool down. Wednesday: 7.00- 8.15pm Swimming session, warm-up 400m freestyle followed by 100m breaststroke, 100m backstroke. ...read more.


I could see my backstroke technique was more fluent and my hips were higher in the water, and the consistent kick made the stroke look flowing. My coach watching my performance helped me to analysis my technique, as he provided necessary feedback, which I needed to improve upon. In my opinion I choose good achievable goals, which required me to work hard, but weren't impossible. Developing my reaction time helped me to improve my overall sprints starts, when swimming short races i.e. 50m. Although this was a good benefit it wouldn't make a big difference speeding up my longer race times, i.e. 200m, 400m. If I repeated my programme I would carry it out over a longer period of time. I would do this by adding an additional four weeks to my programme, this would allow for a greater improvement in my weaknesses and achieving harder goals that I would set myself. Review of action plan Overall my action plan was very effective, I felt that I worked hard during my programme. It showed improvements because I managed to complete my short and medium term goal and part of my long-term goal. This is because I didn't manage to reduce my 100m-backstroke swim time down enough to the time I wanted to achieve. This was a hard goal to achieve and after I thought it was possibly too hard to reach in such a short period of time, and that wouldn't be able to push my body that far. Also I think that because I didn't have long enough time to achieve it, I could have repeated it I for an additional 4 weeks to my programme, for further improvements. But otherwise because backstroke is my worse stroke, unless I trained more on this I don't think I will improve massively on it. I would rather concentrate on strokes that I can achieve higher standards in because I am more natural at them and wouldn't have to do so many drills to improve the stroke. ...read more.

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