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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Circuit Training

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´╗┐Advantages & Disadvantages Of Circuit Training ? It can easily be structured to provide a training of whole body. ? It is possible that they do not require an equipment expensive gymnasium. ? The participants normally work in small groups, allowing that the nascent ones are guided by more people with experience, as well as which they benefit from the supervision of the instructor. ? It can be adapted for any size of training area. ...read more.


These circuits usually say that the number of repetitions made in each station is relatively high, putting each exercise more towards the end the resistance of the continuous intensity. ? The people who wish to optimize the increase of the force or the muscular mass) can reduce the number of made repetitions and increase the weight of being elevated or to increase the intensity, when the hydraulic system or elastic is used. On the other hand, the station of greater length is very appropriate for any cardiovascular (Aerobic) ...read more.


Nevertheless, this provides a little time the instructor to guarantee that the activity continues being safe and effective by means of the observation of the technique, the position, and the form. My own circular training: 1. Sit ups 2. Squat thrusts 3. Chin ups 4. Squats 5. Back extension 6. Ski jumps 7. Press-ups 8. step ups I chose these exercises in this exact order because that way the training involves the whole body, and specific muscles are trained in the right order for example: first the stomach, then the back. ...read more.

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