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Am to undergo a Personal Exercise Programme, that will last six weeks, to help me in my chosen sport. I am choosing football and the fitness area I am looking at is stamina

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Introduction My name is William Sweet I am 15 years old and I have a fairly active lifestyle. I play football at least 3 times a week and have four, hour and ten minute lesson of sport a week. I have a reasonably well balanced diet. I play football for a local team called Ashridge, who were promoted into division one of the league last year. I play on the right of midfield. I also play cricket for school. Playing on the wing means a lot of running up and down the wings is involved so fitness is important As part of my GCSE Sport studies work I am to undergo a Personal Exercise Programme, that will last six weeks, to help me in my chosen sport. I am choosing football and the fitness area I am looking at is stamina. I have chosen stamina because it will mean that I can run for longer up and down the football pitch without getting tired. What is a Personal Fitness Programme? All people benefit from personal fitness, whatever somatotype they are, Endomorphic, Mesomorphic and Ectomorphic . ...read more.


I will do the test every week to see if I have improved and see if there is progression in my work To improve my fitness I will use the FITT Frequency - How often the exercise should be done. Intensity - How hard I should exercise. Time - How long I should exercise for. Type - What exercise should be used. I will work for 20 minutes three times a week plus football training once a week for an hour, for six weeks. I will work 75% of my maximum heart rate which is 205. DIET AND NUTRTION I will also improve my eating habits if im going to improve my fitness, This is how percentage is needed to make a balanced diet. There is 15% of Proteins that help the body grow and repair themselves, 30% of fat, this provides energy and keep us warm and 54% carbohydrates that provide a lot of energy. Also small amounts of vitamins and minerals are needed to help ones and skin grow and for many chemical reactions inside of the body. TRAINING Before each training session a warm up should be done in this warm up this warms up the bodies muscles and gets blood pumping around the body the. ...read more.


For the last two weeks of my training I am choosing to do interval training, in this type of training fixed patterns are used. These can be changed between fast and slow. In the training I will need to do a set of reps before I can rest, this was good because it made me push to my hardest so that I could get a rest. After the last week of training these were my final results of the shuttle runs test Shuttle runs Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Average 46 49 48 48 Conclusion In conclusion I believe that my exercise plan of eating healthy as well as training hard in different ways to keep training exciting. At the end of my six week training program I managed to just under double the amount of shuttle runs I could do in a minute. I think that the Fartlek training improve my fitness because it was the best method of training for me, this may not suit others. Overall I have improved my overall stamina and my football is getting better because of it I can work harder up and down the wings a lot harder than before ?? ?? ?? ?? William Sweet Sport Studies Personal Exercise Programme ...read more.

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