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An investigation into Examining the effects and results of concentrating on one particular component of physical fitness.

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An investigation into Examining the effects and results of concentrating on one particular component of physical fitness Introduction I play football regularly during the football season for both a boy's football team and the school football team. The position I play when playing football is right wing. When playing right wing, stamina is vital for performance and the amount of time you can perform for. Stamina (cardio respiratory endurance) is where the heart and lungs are able to cope with activity for long periods of time. We need stamina to get rid of waste products and in order to get oxygen. Throughout a football match, I have to constantly run up and down the pitch to defend and attack without resting much. This is very tiring and at the moment I am finding myself being very tired at half time. It is very important for me to improve my stamina so I can perform longer and therefore improve my performance and hopefully improve the performance of the team. To train for stamina, you should work continuously at 60-80% of our maximum heart rate. The types of training which can be done to improve stain are circuit training which will help improve muscular endurance, continuous training which helps improve endurance and stamina, interval training as it can help train aerobically and weight training which can improve muscular endurance. There are many tests that can be done for stamina; these include the bleep test, the 12-minute cooper run and the Harvard step test however there are many possible activities that can be done in order to test your stamina. When training you should look at the five principles of sport, specificity, progression, overload, reversibility and tedium. Specificity is training for a specific activity so for my training programme I will be looking to train to increase my stamina in a football match and nothing else. ...read more.


Diary Before I left to go on holiday I did the 12-minute cooper run at Shears Green County Primary School, as I used to go there I know that the track is 200m around. I ran around the track 13 times, which is 2600m. Week Session Training 1 1 Swam at constant pace in hotel swimming pool in Greece for 1/2 hour then jogged around complex for 15 minutes. Found the jog hard in the heat, 35 degrees today. Needed plenty of fluids. 2 Jogged for 30 minutes, as there was no bike available then swam at constant pace for 15 minutes. Jog was even harder today took a bottle of water with me. Found the jog a bit tedious in the heat. No aches or pains. 3 Swam at constant pace for 45 minutes, very refreshing, as it was very hot today. Arms and legs aching a bit towards the end. Test Cooper run today, found it very hard running in the heat and I was very tired at the end. I ran roughly 2100 metres. This was less than the test I did before I started training however this was probably because I was in a different climate, and running in very hot weather. 2 1 Jogged with a friend for 1/2 hour then swam at constant pace for 1/2 hour also with a friend. My legs are feeling very tired today and I'm looking forward to a day without training. 2 Jogged same route as session 1 for 1/2 hour. I was unable to do weight lifting so I did 5 sets of 20-30 reps with a packet of frozen peas. Feeling fine however the last week I have been eating a lot so this may affect my performance. 3 Swam for 1/2 hour, did 3 sets of 20-30 reps, then jogged for 15 minutes. Back is starting to hurt. I was diagnosed with curvature of the spine earlier this year. ...read more.


The amount of body fat should have decreased as our body uses fat as fuel for exercise. In the future I should also be able to use oxygen more efficiently as I will be able to breathe in much more air and continue to do so for a longer amount of time. The number of alveoli in my lungs should have increased. This is good as it helps more oxygen get into my bloodstream and more carbon dioxide get out. My muscles will also be able to hold and use greater supplies of oxygen and nutrients. All of these are long term effects of aerobic training and will only happen if I continue to train which I will do as I am now in pre-season training with my local football team. In pre-season training I am doing a lot of fitness training which will improve my stamina even more. I am finding this fitness training easier than most of the other players and I feel this is down to my training programme during the holidays. Next I will be doing skill work, developing techniques, skills and strategies in competitive situations. Although stamina is not required for this training when it comes to a match situation I am sure I will be capable of lasting most of the match if not the full 90 minutes. This training programme was easy to manage as even on holiday in a foreign country, I found the equipment was available. I would consider doing a training programme next summer to keep me fit so I am ready for the football season. If I did do a training programme again I would do it for longer. Maybe 10 weeks as although I did improve after 6 weeks I think to improve fitness levels by a good margin I should train for at least 10 weeks. I would make sure that I stayed in one climate throughout the programme as this did affect my results quite a bit and at times gave me a false indication of how I was progressing. Ross Holden ...read more.

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