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Analysing and improving form: Badminton.

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Analysing and improving form: Badminton. Tom Blakey. Player chosen: Greg Copeland Good attributes. * Greg plays a range of shots well and has good tactical knowledge * Greg has good reflexes and is therefore able to reach and play shots all around the court * Greg has a good level of fitness and can keep playing for long periods of time Bad attributes. ...read more.


* Greg could improve his tactical knowledge by revising study guides and coaching manuals for badminton. This could also then be conferred with coaches or trainers, as this will then help him incorporate the coaches and the manuals points into one. This would help him drastically improve, as the improvement in results would be very noticeable. This would then improve his self-confidence, which is another thing that lacks in his game. ...read more.


* Greg's acceleration is also poor. He needs to improve this, as then his ability to reach shots all over the court will be bettered. He would improve this by doing 15 metre shuttle runs. He would do twenty repetition runs at full pace. First he would warm up, as this would prevent injury. This would help his leg muscles strengthen and therefore improve his overall pace as well as his acceleration. * * * * ...read more.

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