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Analysis of My Long Distance Running

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Aim My Aim is to improve in long distance running. I will work on improving my stamina and my finish sprints. Outline In order to complete this programme efficiently and with good results I will make an effective plan that will slowly work me up to being fast and generally healthy. Session 1 (50mins in school) Aim To record my time for running 1500mtrs. Warm-up One lap of the running track followed by stretches. Fitness Development In this session I will just be running the 1500mtrs once to record my time. This will help because I will be able compare it with my time at the end of the six weeks. ...read more.


Then I will watch the video and look for different aspects of running to work on. Warm Down I will do five minutes jogging and stretch off. Session Evaluation Session 3 (50mins in school) Aim To complete 2800mtrs of interval training. Warm-up One lap of the running track followed by stretches. Fitness Development In this session I will do interval training. This will consist of 400mtrs jogging and 3 minutes resting until I have completed 2800mtrs. This training will help me from becoming too fatigue to carry on. Warm Down I will finish my training with a 400mtr slow walk. ...read more.


I will do this and decide myself when I want to change. Warm Down I will have a short walk and stretch off. Session Evaluation Introduction Mrs Gaines asked my class to write and complete a fitness programme that will help us improve on a sport we are doing for GCSE. The fitness programme will consist of two sessions a week, for six weeks, one session for 50 minutes and the other for 1 hour. Session 6 Aim Complete the Multistage fitness test in my fastest possible time. Warm-up No warm up is required because it is built in to the Multistage Fitness Test. Fitness Development Warm Down Session Evaluation Circuit session 4 Continuous training together 10 Bleep 7 ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Physical Education-Fitness Programme Alex Butler ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment section.

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