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Analysis of Performance Coursework.

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GCSE Physical Education Analysis of Performance Coursework About Me My name is Martin Leitner and I'm 15 yrs old. In this piece of GCSE PE coursework, the sport I will be using is football. I chose to use this particular sport because I have been playing regular football from a very young age. Over a time period of a number of years have gradually progressed from grass roots football to where I am now which is playing for the under 19s youth team of the league division 3 club Rushden & Diamonds. I play as a central midfielder so I have chosen to focus on this particular position for the entirety of this coursework. What does being a central midfielder involve? As a central midfielder the main responsibility I have is linking the defence and attack together. There are a number of ways of doing this, from short through passes used to supply the forwards to long forward passes from the edge of my own penalty area for the forwards to chase. It is one of the toughest positions to play because it needs a higher level of fitness than any other position. ...read more.


Centre midfielders are needed all over the pitch so they need a bit of everything in their play. Here is a list of the most important things that central midfielders need: - * Cardio Vascular Endurance - You need this to be a central midfielder because it is the most energy consuming position on the pitch. * Strength - You need to be strong in centre midfield because you come up against a wide range of different opponents. You also need strength because it is very important that you win all of your tackles when playing in the centre. * Speed - You need to be fast to accelerate away from opponents and to make forward runs. * Agility - You need to be agile because in the centre of the pitch it is sometimes very crowded so you need very close ball control and quick feet. * Creativity - You need to be creative in centre midfield because you have to make the game hard to read for your opponent. * Awareness - Of where you are, where your team mates are and where your opponent is. * Good reflexes and reaction time - You need good reflexes and reaction time because in centre midfield you are in the middle of all the action so you need to react quickly to lots of different situations. ...read more.


Also, I am good at assessing where all my team mates are on the pitch before I receive the ball so that when I get the ball I know my options. I feel my weaknesses in match situations are.... 1. Cardio Vascular Endurance - I need to have a better cardio vascular endurance because sometimes when I'm on one side of the pitch I find it hard to recover and get back into a safe position. 2. Strength - I need to work on my strength because I need to be more physically strong to win more tackles in the centre. 3. Composure - Sometimes I lack composure when I receive the ball and rush my passes so they are not of an as good quality as they should be. Also sometimes I miss chances to score because I precipitate the chance when I could have looked up and picked my spot before I shot. 4. Passing - Sometimes when I have the ball and pass it to someone I either over hit the pass or its not as accurate as it could be. Now that I have examined my strengths and weaknesses in my performance I can try and improve them. In the next stage I will come up with a training program that will help me in these specific areas of my performance. ...read more.

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