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Analysis of perfromer

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Mohamed Abdelnabi 11B GCSE Physical Education Coursework Analysing a Performer In my Analysis Peace I am going to be analysing Alex combs at basketball. I chose Alex because he is a talented basketball player and I have seen him improve in basketball in various ways since yr7 and I feel I can help him improve even more. Alex has adapted himself into becoming a centre and that's the position I have chosen to help him improve on. I believe with a little bit of direction Alex can make it a far way in basketball. Section 1 To make it at a professional level in basketball and to be able to become a centre you need to have certain qualities and aspects. You need to have self belief because basketball is a game of trail and error. A great centre is always willing to try over and over again. Above all a great centre needs to be enthusiastic and determined a successful centre generally wants the ball and will do anything to get it. Also a great centre has the ability to change the flow of the game. He also has the ability to change his team mate's attitude. A centre needs to be aware of the rules especially the 3 second rule. In the game basketball the centre controls the game he is the heart of the team offensively and defensively the more rebounds he makes the more points your team will score lastly You need to be tough don't worry about contact with other players don't be afraid to use your strength and speed to keep other players from getting the ball. Including those following aspects there are other attributes that affect your performance in basketball such as: Strength: Strength is needed so you are able to compete for rebounds when shots are missed. ...read more.


Getting tired also means that he won't have the strength to intercept dangerous passes. Him being tired will affect his concentration meaning his shooting percentage will decrease. Lastly he will find it harder to compete for rebounds also it will affect his team by him not getting back to defend or getting rebounds. Alex needs to work on his Oxygen up take which is measured by you V02. If Alex can improve his tidal volume he can repay oxygen dept faster meaning he can work his muscles for longer. * Alex needs to improve his strength because watching him play I have recognized he finds it hard to compete for rebounds, also when he goes up to lay ups he is stopped easily. By gaining muscle bulk he will gain power enhancing his aggression levels this will make him more determined to fight for rebounds. Alex needs strength to be able to compete for rebounds and needs strength to attack the basket (lay up).Alex has to work on his muscles regularly so that muscle atrophy doesn't occur. * Even though Alex's right hand is great, he needs to work on his left hand because it's fairly poor. Alex having the ability to lay up with both hands gives him a greater chance of scoring under the basket increasing his points scored in a game. It will also give him various options of acting confusing his defender. Skill full basketball players are ambidextrous meaning they can use their right and left hand to perform skills at a high level. * Alex needs to improve his agility because watching him in games he is very careless. He needs to be agile so that he can deceive defenders by changing direction quickly. ...read more.


My training programme is going to avoid reversibility, it keeps the body working through the 6 weeks. Here's the first week on my 6 week training programme: This warm up should be carried out everyday: Begin with joint rotations. These permit your joints to move more easily (by lubricating the entire joint with synovial fluid). Perform 10 circular movements of the ankles, knees, hips, trunk, shoulders and neck. Then do an activity such as skipping or defensive slide movements to increase blood flow to the muscles. Then begin to stretch each of the following muscles for 8 seconds Gastrocnemius Hamstrings Quadriceps Glutei's Latissimus dorsi Triceps Biceps Deltoids Then to cool down, a light jog for about a minute then slow it down to walking for another minute. And finish of by stretching of each muscle above for 8 seconds. It's vital to warm up because it gradually gets your body ready for training. It increases your body temperature and increases blood flow to your muscles. It also stretches the muscle, moves the joints and increases the range of movement so you're ready to train and less likely to injure your self. Lastly it focuses the mind on training. It's also important to cool down this will help remove waste products produced by exercise and it also helps replace the oxygen dept in your muscles. It will minimize muscle soreness and joint pain. You can use the same routine for your cool-down as you do for your warm-up and stretching. (You will probably find that you are more flexible when you do your cool-down stretches than you were in your warm-up.)Lastly it prevents blood shunting stops blood pooling in your veins. So it's important that Alex warms up before each activity and cools down after. Monday Fartlek Training * ...read more.

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