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Appropriateness of chosen activities, training methods, activities, purpose of exercise, techniques used to improve fitness & skills.

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Appropriateness of chosen activities, training methods, activities, purpose of exercise, techniques used to improve fitness & Skills. Reference to seasonal factors. In my six-week training programme I experienced some problems with the weather. We normally associate the English weather with rain, this was not the case because on several occasions the we were training in weather that was getting as high as 30 Celsius which is about 92 Fahrenheit. On the first of many scorching days we weren't prepared for it this led to some poor performances because the weather was so draining on us, after this we were prepared for it we brought liquid with us and tried not to overload on hot days. ...read more.


It is important that it relates to my work. I will check my work is specific by cross checking my Principles of training with my Components of fitness. Balance of the programme. When doing the six-week training programme I made sure to balance it all out by Overloading twice and progress the rest of the time, this made life easier because you can decide to progress on the less hot days and overload on the cool days, that also works with stiffness and strains. Appropriate application of the activities within the programme in relation to theoretical areas and principles of training, Progression, overload, frequency, duration, time and tedium. ...read more.


There is a simple formula for this: * Anaerobic = Short Duration - High Intensity. * Aerobic = High Duration - Low Intensity. Aerobic and Anaerobic thresholds. To gain from exercise, you must push your heart rate above a certain level. This is called a Training Threshold. There are two training thresholds, aerobic and anaerobic. This does vary from person to person. The harder you exercise the faster your heartbeats. So heart rate is an indicator of which energy systems you're using. Find it by taking your pulse. The closer it is to your maximum heart rate, the more likely you're using the anaerobic system. Maximum heart rate is the fastest your heart can beat. Maximum heart rate = 220 - your age. If you are sixteen, it is 204 beats per minute (BPM). ...read more.

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