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AQA GCSE PE Training Programme

Extracts from this document...


AQA GCSE PE / Games Health-Related Exercise / Training Programme Coursework By Vasilis Panayi Aim I will be creating a training program so that I can improve my general fitness and football skills, I will include specific exercises to help improve the areas required for football. I think that I am generally unfit but I have no injuries or other health problems. In a typical week I do no physically strenuous exercises. The targets I expect to achieve at the end of the five session exercise program that I create, are to improve my leg strength, ball control and stamina, also I would like to improve my fitness and be able to do each exercise for a longer duration. 1 - Shuttle Runs 2 - Bench Press 7 - Wall Sits 3 - Skipping 6- Passing ( against wall) 5 - Step Ups 4 - Dribbling During every training session heart rate should be recorded to see recovery rate. Resting Heart rate should be taken before each session, It should be taken again immediately after exercise and then at regular intervals to test recovery rate. Fitness Testing - There are many fitness tests, one of which should be chosen to test fitness before training sessions are started and after 5 sessions. Below are two of the possible tests I will use. 1. Bleep Test 2. Cooper run I have selected to do the bleep test before and after my training programme. Bleep Test The aim of the bleep test is test aerobic fitness levels, each level on the bleeps test can be used to calculate a persons VO2 max (their maximum oxygen uptake). The VO2 max is measured as the maximum amount of oxygen, in milliliters, a person can use in one minute per kilogram of bodyweight or ml/kg/min The test involves running back and forth between two set points, 20 metres apart in time with the 'bleeps' on an audio cassette or CD, 'the bleeps' get faster with the progression of each level, As the participant reaches a level the level is announced by the recording. ...read more.


Session 3 (Min) Session 4 (Min) Session 5 (Min) Shuttle Runs Work- 1 Rest -1 Work- 1.30 Rest -1 Work- 1.45 Rest -1 Work- 2 Rest -1.30 Work- 2.15 Rest -1.30 Bench Press Work- 1 Rest -1 Work- 1.30 Rest -1 Work- 1.45 Rest -1 Work- 2 Rest -1.30 Work- 2.15 Rest -1.30 Skipping Work- 1 Rest -1 Work- 1.30 Rest -1 Work- 1.45 Rest -1 Work- 2 Rest -1.30 Work- 2.15 Rest -1.30 Dribbling Work- 1 Rest -1 Work- 1.30 Rest -1 Work- 1.45 Rest -1 Work- 2 Rest -1.30 Work- 2.15 Rest -1.30 Step ups Work- 1 Rest -1 Work- 1.30 Rest -1 Work- 1.45 Rest -1 Work- 2 Rest -1.30 Work- 2.15 Rest -1.30 Passing Work- 1 Rest -1 Work- 1.30 Rest -1 Work- 1.45 Rest -1 Work- 2 Rest -1.30 Work- 2.15 Rest -1.30 Wall sits Work- 1 Rest -1 Work- 1.30 Rest -1 Work- 1.45 Rest -1 Work- 2 Rest -1.30 Work- 2.15 Rest -1.30 Pre- Training Statistics Fitness Testing Before beginning my training programme I will take the bleep test to see what level I will reach and what my VO2 max is, this will be used to see what my current fitness level is and after my training programme is completed I will retake the test to see whether my fitness improves. I completed the bleep test before beginning my training programme my result's follow bellow: Before Training Programme Bleep Test Level 5.7 VO2 Max = 32.142 ml/kg/min Fitness Statistics Before beginning my training programme I will record my resting Heart rate and my recovery rate to see how my fitness improves over the course of the training programme. Recovery Rate = How quick your pulse returns to normal. (usually measured in minutes) Heart Rate = The number of times the heart beats per minute Pulse = The rate of blood being pumped through the arteries by the heart. ...read more.


During the first sessions I was having great difficulty doing the sessions but as the sessions went on I found the sessions easier to complete. I achieved the results I expected, however the results were achieved to a higher level and quicker that I expected, I expected my fitness and skill to improve slowly but these results came a lot quicker. Conclusion I have now successfully completed my training programme, evaluated the sections and analysed my results. I am now able to see a huge improvement in my fitness; this conclusion is supported by my post- training fitness testing. By looking at my pre-training tests and my post-training tests I am able to see that both my bleep test results and my recovery rate have had a great improvement my bleep test score increased by 2.5 levels or 8.399 ml/kg/min (VO2 Max). I am pleased to say that my training programme was easy to manage; I was able to set the training programme up, do the training and record my progress very simply and efficiently. As a result of completing the training programme my general fitness has improved drastically and my football skills have shown an astonishing improvement. Doing the training programme was very enjoyable and amusing, even though I was exhausted after each session, as I pushed myself to my limits, I knew I was at my limits because I was not able to do anything else after training without a long rest.. Improvements If I were to continue with the training programme I would need to make some changes in order to continue with the principle of progression, to progress the training programme I would have to increase the work time and decrease the rest time. Additionally I could also add more exiting exercises to the programme and have the sessions more often to avoid reversibility and increase fitness. By Vasilis Panayi ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE PE Coursework Vasilis Panayi ~ 0~ ...read more.

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