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Badminton is the sport I have chosen to train for and use my personal exercise plan to regain fitness. The new badminton season is about to begin and after a month of low intensity training and rest I need to improve

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Personal Exercise Program Name: Bekki Moore Age: 17 D.O.B: 22/01/89 Gender: Female Weight: 57kg Height: 1.65 BMI: 20.6 Resting heart rate: 66bpm Maximum heart rate: 203 Blood pressure: 98/58 Sport: Badminton Achievements: Runner up in girls and mixed doubles Atwell 2004, 2005. First in girls doubles 2003. Facilities available: David Lloyd gym, pool and courts. Badminton is the sport I have chosen to train for and use my personal exercise plan to regain fitness. The new badminton season is about to begin and after a month of low intensity training and rest I need to improve my overall physical fitness and return to form. After completing a number of fitness tests I will chose two aspects of either health related fitness or skill related fitness to center my training around. To decide which components I will improve and which will be most vital to my game I will now look at each aspect of health related fitness and its implication on my game. I will then do the same for the aspects of skill related fitness, each with a justification and example of how my game could be improved by improving this aspect of fitness. Health related fitness Muscular strength Muscular strength is the amount of force muscles are able to exert against a resistance. By improving my muscular strength in my arms I will have more power to clear the shuttle further. In the correct position I would be able to successful clear the shuttle the entire length of the court. I will also be able to flick serve higher without the serve looking predictable (this being a useful tactic in doubles as short serves are usually expected) by improving the muscular strength in my legs I would be able to jump high and take the shuttle earlier giving my opponent less time to prepare for a return. Muscular endurance Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscles to contract and relax repeatedly over a prolonged period of time against a resistance. ...read more.


It keeps capillaries and my other blood vessels dilated, enabling the muscles to be flushed through with oxygen-rich blood, which helps to remove fatiguing by-products such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which can act on my pain receptors. Maintains my venous return mechanism, thereby preventing blood pooling in my veins, which could cause dizziness if I was to stop exercising abruptly. It can help minimize my muscular pain associated with delayed onset of muscle soreness which could occur 24-48 hours following exercise. To cool down after each session I will continue gentle uncompetitive play with my partner for five minutes {when pressure training} then jog for five minutes, slowly easing the pace until I finish with a walk for two minutes. All of these will ensure all of the above take place. Safety precautions Other safety measures can be very important in badminton to prevent injury. Such things as wearing the correct footwear to protect the ankles from turning or sprains, {good shoes also inevitably make playing easier as pushing off the floor is easier and speed can be improved with the correct grip} also having the correct grip on the racket reduces wrist injuries. Checking any equipment I am about to use before using it. Checking the court surface to make sure it is safe to play upon. Other safety issues I have taken into consideration include wearing reflective clothing when running in the dark. Telling my parents where I will be running incase anything happens to me and planning my route before I set off. Running in a well lit area arranging to run with a friend when I can. Personal factors I need to consider There are many factors I need to consider the may affect the way I train in the gym and on the court. My age, I am only young and therefore have a lot of energy. ...read more.


Evaluation My personal exercise plan has been proved to be very successful. I have learnt how exercises improve different aspects of fitness. And my game has noticeably improved. Effectiveness of my personal exercise plan towards my stated aims Improvement in cardio vascular fitness = because in all of my training method I have been raising my heart rate forcing my heart to work hard pumping oxygen to my striving muscles. I can tell my cardio-vascular fitness has improved as my heart rate returns to its normal rate quickly. I do not get out of breath so easily and I can carry on working at a high intensity for a longer period of time. Improvement in muscular endurance = because of my weight training with low weights and a high number of reps my muscles have be used to being worked over a longer period of time. My fartlek training also helped as my legs are now used to moving continuously for a prolonged period of time. This is very helpful as I can now move about the court without tiring; I can get to shots later in the games whereas before I did not have the energy to carry on. I can tell that my muscular endurance in my arms as improved, this being through my circuit weight training in the gym and my pressure training where my arms work hard whilst playing textbook badminton shots. I have also noticed there has been a slight improvement in my muscular strength in both my arms and legs. This is purely due to the amount of training I have been doing and not a specific type of activity. I can tell that my strength has improved as my shots travel further and faster. Here are the results of the fitness test I took before and then after my training sessions. Reaction time Ruler test 28cm Excellent Endurance Bleep test Level eight Average Strength Pull ups three Below average Agility Illinois Agility Test 43 seconds Above average Balance Timed static balance 20 seconds Very good ...read more.

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