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Basketball training programme.

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P.E COURSEWORK PLANNING Aim The sport I have chosen is basketball. Although I play other sports including football and tennis, I have played basketball for the longer duration, approximately eight years. I would like to improve my speed and stamina on the court, as I would like to be more effective during the latter part of the game when the scores are usually very close. I consider myself to be fairly fit because of my after school activities; these include training five times a week, two football matches and one basketball match and usually the odd game on Titchfield park. I currently have no injuries but have suffered in the past with Achilles tendonitis; I have mild asthma but no longer have to take any medication for it. Safety In this exercise programme there are several safety issues that need to be considered. Firstly, if it were raining it would not be advisable to train outside, as the surface could become slippery, causing players to sustain an injury. If a player is carrying an injury or is suffering from an illness, it is also advisable not to train because it would be too strenuous and painful, and it could delay the recovery time. Any equipment used should also be checked for any defects, such as wear and tear of the balls or basketball rings, which should be securely fixed to the wall to prevent any injuries during a training session. ...read more.


Progressions Progression occurs as body adapts though overload. Training needs to be progressive. A good explanation to all players prior to commencing a training session is vital, to minimise the risk of anyone pushing themselves too hard. It is essential to know at what level of fitness the group/team are at so that the session is appropriate for everybody's needs. Each session should become progressively harder as the players adapt to the training regime, increasing the intensity, speed and frequency of sessions as the fitness levels improve. MONITORING I am going to monitor my progress by taking my pulse before and after the training session; I will see also how I can do in a certain time limit. Resting rate heart rate in Bpm After pulse Recovery rate Total number of lay-ups scored 1 76 94 0.0088 34 2 77 95 0.009 43 3 75 92 0.0085 43 4 72 90 0.0080 45 5 79 96 0.0094 42 Appendix 1 shows my actual training course in two parts. Training course review I felt that the first three sessions were ok, but after that it got boring because the programme became repetitive. My recovery rate didn't change much at all after the five-week period, possibly because of my high level of participation in other sporting activities. ...read more.


An effect that I found most was boredom because the course was repetitive. I could have perhaps added more variety to the sessions. However, the course I did was easy because it repeated itself week after week. I found that being motivated is one of the main things that I lacked in the last two sessions that I didn't enjoy. Evaluation of monitoring The planning of the programme was set out because of my knowledge and skills with regards to the specific techniques and training needed to play basketball. I feel that I included all aspects that needed to be considered to ensure safety of the athlete, i.e. warm up, training to improve necessary skills required and also a cool down with stretches. These can be seen in appendix 2. Final Evaluation I think the manageability of the programme was pretty easy to do and run. The way I developed throughout the course was not very high because I found the course very easy to do. I enjoyed the first three sessions then it got very boring and there was a lack of motivation from myself. In the future I think this may help me because it would assist me to develop a harder course to set myself and to add more interest for the development of future courses. I have learnt that if I am bored I do not try as hard as I should and this could not only let myself down but also my team players. ...read more.

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