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Btec 6 Week Training Program

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Introduction My name is Murat. I am 14 years old. I want to get more fitter because I want to play as a centre midfielder in football, I have not had any injuries in the past apart from a few back problems. I think that for someone who is 14 years of age my fitness level is above average I have no health problems like asthma and haven't had in the past. I plan on changing my exercise activity's every day so that I wont be or get bored. I am planning to work on my own because its easier for me otherwise I get put off. The aspects of fitness I am going to try and improve are cardiovascular endurance,muscular endurance,agility,strength balance. Week 1 Monday on the first day I will do a fitness test to measure my fitness before I start. There will be only 5 tests as I only need to test the skills I need to improve. These tests will be * Standing long jump measures power * Stork stand measures measures Balance * Ruler drop test measures reaction * Press up measures muscular endurance * Illinois agility run Week 1 Thursday on Monday I am going to start by doing a warm up this is important so you don't injure your self while training. ...read more.


spend 60seconds on each station then a 30 second rest I will repeat the circuit 3 times this will be approximately 20 minutes long and then I will do a warm down 10minutues practising my shooting 5minutues walking and 5minutues stretching Week 4 Wednesday I will start this day by doing a quick 20 minute warm up this will be 4 minute jog and a 4minute stretch I will stretch mostly my arms because I will be increasing my cardiovascular and muscular endurance by weights today. After I will do a 12 minute session of dribbling that will be the end of my warm up The main activity of the day will be weight training to improve my muscular endurance and my cardiovascular endurance to do this I must use a small amount of weights and use lots of repetition weights I will do this for 10 minutes and take a 5minute rest then I will do this again for another 10 minutes then take another 5minute rest he main activity of the day will be 30minutues long after that I will do a 5 dribbling and then after I will do a 4minte jog and the a 4minute stretch Week4 Friday On this day I will a 20 minute warm up 4 minute jog and a 4minute stretch after I will do a 12minute passing session then the main activity of the day will be fartlek training in the training I will do activity time (minute) ...read more.


second rest I will repeat the circuit 3 times this will be approximately 30 minutes long and then I will do a warm down 10minutues practising my shooting 5minutues walking and 5minutues stretching Week 6 Saturday Today I will do a 15 minute warm up 5 ,minute jog and a 5minut stretch then I will do a quick 5 dribbling session and then The main activity of the day will be fartlek training As this is my last training session I will try to overload my self more than normal I will do: activity time (minute) Fast run 10 Fast uphill run 7 Fast skipping 6 jog 6 Fast Run 10 Knee lift 7 the total time for that exercise is 46 minutes after I have finished the main activity I will do a 5minute shooting session 5minute jog and a 5minute stretch as a cool down Week 6 Sunday Today as it is my last day I will play a 60 minute minute match I have chosen a 60 minute match to overload myself and see if I have made any progress in the six-week training program before the match I will start of by doing a quick warm up like 5minute jog and a 5minute stretch and then after the match I will do a cool down consisting of a 5minute jog and a 5minute stretch That Is the end of My six Week Training Program ...read more.

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