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btec P.E unit 2

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:) JACK OWEN WHOTTON 2/2/2008 Jack Whotton - framwellgate school Durham - Btec first - Lumb & Armstrong Unit 2 - Health, safety and injury within sport Rules, Regulation and Legislation When you're working in sport, it is important to be aware of the relevant laws that deal with health and safety .these laws are sensible and are there to protect you and others who participate. Whether a facility or training ground is large or small, it is still covered by the laws lay down by the government in acts of parliament. The coach and facilities provider have to ensure that everyone is aware of, and abides by, relevant regulations and legislation. In this way, the health, safety and welfare of athletes, staff and other participants within working The facilities owners should always keep up to date on changes in regulations as breaking the law by not following the laws will only result in severe punishment. These punishments could be... * Closure * Bad reputation * Large fine * Imprisonment * An order to pay compensation to anyone who has suffered any preventable injury Some facilities have their own voluntary codes of conduct; these ensure that the legislations are all followed 100%. ...read more.


COSHH 2002 Due to this regulation, employers must ensure that anyone who uses chemicals or substances that could cause harm to others is aware of the safe practices relating to the handling, use and storage. In leisure centers a wide range of harmful toxic substances are used to maintain swimming pools Jacuzzi's ECT. Therefore it is important that the chemicals are stored correctly and all staff is trained regularly on the safe practices involved with using these chemicals. It is the employer's job to provide these members of staff with the correct equipment for using these chemicals (gloves and overalls). Health and safety (first aid) regulations 1981 Accidents happen regardless of and regulations set down, therefore it is important to be prepared as they can happen when we least expect them. The key behind these regulations is to ensure that there is trained first aider within any company, organizations or leisure center and a fully stocked first aid kit available at all times. The qualified first aider whom provides any sort of treatment must record details of any accidents and must also record exactly what treatment was given. ...read more.


It is characterised as a pain in the chest. Most heart attacks are due to a clot or blockage within the coronary artery; causing a lack of oxygen to that's part of the heart causing it to become damaged or even die. Signs of a heart attack * Crushing feelings or tightened chest * Pain n the neck, jaw or arms * Breathlessness * Sweating * Rapid, weak or irregular pulse * Nausea or shock * Fall in blood pressure Viral infections Viral infections such as influenza, the common cold...ECT Signs: * High temperature or fever * Sore throat * Aching muscles and joints * Headaches * Shivering Hypoglycaemia Diabetes is a major disorder which affects a persons glucose and sugar levels. Within the pancreas the body creates insulin, this is a chemical used to lower the levels of glucose around the body however diabetes sufferers have the problem of insulin not being effective at all. Signs of hypoglycaemia * Fast and strong pulse * Sweating * Shaking * Confusion * Aggression * Rapidly losing consciousness ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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