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btec sports assignment 2

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Three fitness tests for netball. (These were independently selected and conducted) SPEED 'The bleep test'. This is where you obtain 'the bleep test' cassette or CD and try to run across the gym before each time it bleeps. When I tested it, I go to level 7. NATIONAL AVERAGES FOR SPORTS TEAMS: SPORT MALE FEMALE Basketball Level 11 Level 9 Hockey Level 13 Level 12 Rugby Level 13 - Netball - Level 9 Squash Level 13 - This shows that I am not as good as sports teams but I am better than the average teenage girl because the average for teenage girls is level 4/5 This test was quite successful for speed, as I had to push myself to run faster each time thus increasing my speed. ...read more.


Gender Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor Male > 50 secs 50 - 41 secs 40 - 31 secs 30 - 20 secs <20 secs Female >30 secs 30 - 23 secs 22 - 16 secs 15 - 10 secs <10 secs My score on the stork test is very poor compared to the national average. To improve this fitness test, I would get a friend to help me balance before I try the stork test alone. REACTION TIME 'The ruler drop test' This test is where you get a friend or a teacher to drop a ruler when your had is at zero and see how many cms it takes you to catch it once it is dropped. ...read more.


This is where you -Step up and down, one foot at a time, onto the step or bench for 3 minutes -Try to maintain a steady four beat cycle (approx. 22 to 24 steps/minute) -Use a metronome or have someone to help you keep to the required pace -On finishing the test count the number of heart beats for 15 seconds -Multiply the number of beats in 15 seconds by 4 When I tested it my number of beats was 100. This is the national average results table for females aged 16-25. Excellent Good Above average Average Below average Poor Very poor <85 85 - 98 99 - 108 109 - 117 118 - 126 127 - 140 >140 This shows that, compared to the national average, my cardiovascular endurance is above average. This test could be improved by doing it for longer because it would then be more to do with endurance and not just cardiovascular. ...read more.

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