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Btec Sports. Basketball 6 weeks fitness programme

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´╗┐My Six Weeks Programme By Personal information Name: na Age:15 Height:1.68m Weight:61kg BMI:21.6 Maximum Heart Rate: 205bpm Training Zone (60%-85%) 123bpm-174bpm Personal information I?m 15 and I have a very active lifestyle. I play basketball for my school and I play basketball optional outside of school for about 3 hours. On average I play 8 hours of basketball a week. I use to play for a football team I did this for 2 years. I quit as I didn?t really enjoy the sport after a little while. I use to go swimming every week but stopped after a home issue. I also did MMA for year but found it hard to fit around my life so I stopped. I also skateboard and ride bmx I od this regularly to get to places as I don?t like walking. I work at the weekends on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I?m at work for 5 and don?t leave till about 9. then I work from 8 till 8 mostly on the Saturday. This can vary as I work at barbershop that?s quite busy this is the reason we close quite late but sometimes its different if not as many come in for a haircut. On Tuesdays I look after my little brother till about 9 o?clock. When I?m not doing anything the time spent is mostly on either playing on my ps4 or doing school work. I don?t believe my health is great as I constantly don?t eat properly. ...read more.


Aims: Achieve level 8.3 or higher on the bleep test Warm up: stretching muscles in different techniques and a light jog Duration: 50 minutes Results: level 8.3 on bleep test Week One Type of training: Fartlek training Resources required: bleep test audio, cones and measuring wheel, heart rate monitor. What did I do? I performed a bleep test to find out my current cardiovascular endurance fitness level. I then completed a Fartlek training session on the basketball court for the remainder of the time. See Diagram. Overload details: The bleep test requires you to run for as long as you can. This means that I was working above my normal level so this would have a positive impact on my fitness. Intensity details: I was quite tired after the bleep test . I would rate myself at 15 on the RPE scale. This means my heart was beating at 150bpm. Review of week: I wasn't happy that I didn?t get higher level 8.3 but I believe I can improve this and I tried my best. Week Two Date: 30th October Time: 1:20pm Location: Thorns gym Type of training: Fartlek Aims: to complete fartlek session on the basketball court Warm up: I first did my stretches then I warmed up on the court going from walking to jogging Duration: 50 minutes Result: 30 Minutes Fartlek Training completed. Average Heart rate ? 155bpm Resources required: cones, hrm, basketball court, session plan, stop watch, ipod. Week Two Overload details: My progressive overload was I walked for a shorter period of time and use that time in my jogging. ...read more.


I'm happy I managed to complete the programme as I it wasn?t that entraining and I feel if I did it again id have to make it more exciting. My programme was rather dull. At least I di change the aim weekly as if if I didn?t I don?t believe I would have completed it. This had an effect on my life as I felt better while I eat better in the six week, I was quite exhausted and my leg muscles needed to rest. I found this hard to do as I didn?t really have much of a day off as I go school and mostly do thing after school. I felt a lot healthier I also decided to walk everywhere and jog to places to incorporate my programme into my daily life. I believe the reason was I successful is because I didn?t stop I trained as much as I could. I feel on week four I should of made my aim more challenging. Also my target to exceed two levels on the bleep test was rather easy and I didn?t find it hard to complete my programme. Im happy with the outcome of my programme and feel I will be be able to play for longer and run for longer while playing basketball compared to six weeks ago. I found it easy to run out of breath and need a rest. If I did this again I would make my warm-ups better as they were rather simple and improve distances and time I ran. I wouldn?t do it on a treadmill maybe outside so its more enjoyable as I can train all over the town seeing different things. ...read more.

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