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Chosen activity: Netball

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Chosen activity: Netball Name of player: Olivia Beaven Position: Wing Defence (W.D) Important skill required to play this position ?Co-ordination- This is required to dodge opponents in order to cath the ball. It is also needed when throwing and catching the ball. ?Strength- Needed to throw a fast and effective ball to prevent the opposition from intercepting it. ...read more.


Strengths ?When catching the ball I can pivot effectively to be in the direction of where the ball is going. This requires good balance and co-ordination. ?When my team have the ball I can dodge my player to catch the ball. This requires speed and agility. ?When the oppostion has the ball I can successfully mark my player so when her teammate passes the ball I can strike out and entercept it. ...read more.


I need to improve my muscular strength. ?When I am defending a W.A that is taller that me, I cannot jump high enough to reach and intercept the ball. I need to improve my muscular power. This graph tells me that my weaknesses are all physical related. This means I have to base my 6 week training programme on physical related fitness exercises. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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