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Circuit and Fartlek Training

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Circuit and Fartlek Training Specific to my sport I have decided to use Fartlek training and a specific Circuit for my training programme because I feel that these methods of training will improve the necessary muscles, improve suppleness in the appropriate areas and the correct principals of fitness. I found in my research that Fartlek training manages to improve my fitness and possibly my skill, while almost simulating a game situation due to the sections of different pace and intensity. Using specific tennis related exercises, Fartlek training could be used to improve aerobic, anaerobic fitness or even skill. For my Fartlek training I am going to use exercises specific to tennis. For example bouncing the ball on the racquet, which can also be thought of as a rest period. ...read more.


This is my circuit 1. At this station I am going to do shuttle runs for one minute. This will get my respiratory system going which will get the blood to my muscles in preparation for exercise. 2. At this station I will be doing an exercise where I throw a ball against a wall from a set distance and catch it with the opposite hand. I will do as many as I can in a minute and try to improve next time. This will improve my coordination and reflexes. 3. At this station I will do press ups, as many as I can in a minute. This will improve strength in my arms. 4. As I have used my arms in the previous exercise, I will concentrate on my legs. ...read more.


I will be doing simple bicep curls. This should improve strength greatly in my arms. 9. At this station I will be doing step-ups for a minute. This should improve strength in my quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius. 10. At this station I will do an exercise lasting a minute, which involves running from one line to one point to the right on another line. When I get to the line I will play a forehand drive and then run back to the starting line. Then I will run to the left and play a backhand drive before running back to the start. This will improve aerobic fitness and will also improve my reach. If I am finding any of the exercises too easy or too hard I may later change the amount of time or the order of the exercises and perhaps change one of the exercises. ...read more.

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