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Circuit Training.

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Circuit Training. Circuit training is excellent way to simultaneously improve mobility and build strength and flexibility. The great advantage of circuit training is that it can be used to develop strength, flexibility, power, local endurance, agility, anaerobic and aerobic capacities simultaneously (depending on the exercise chosen). Overload is achieved by doing more repetition at each station, by completing the circuit more quickly, resting less between the stations or by repeating the circuit, also overload is achieved by increasing the duration or station, distance, speed , time or frequency of training. ...read more.


In the same way our bodies will adapt to less stress. We can loss aerobic more easily then anaerobic, as muscles lose much more quickly then it gained. A general 3:1 missing in one week and three week to get back in the same level. If the muscles are not used they atrophy or waste away. We gradually lose both speed and strength. Specificity, if the person want to improve the particular part of the body for example if you wish to develop the strength of upper Arm muscles then you must train exercise on particular muscles like press up. ...read more.


Also in crease the heart level in order to pump more oxygen around the body. Type, the training programmes must include exercises like in circuit training for arm, leg, stomach in order to improve the fitness. A person should eat a great amount of carbohydrate before endurance events because it increase amount of glucagons available to work muscles. A circuit require a balance diet - that is you need to choose from each foods classifications. The higher the muscles glycogen, the better performance during endurance events. Therefore high amount of carbohydrates diet increase muscles glycogens level are restored faster. Fatty acid, proteins, vitamin and mineral supplements are all balance diet and helps you through your exercise. ...read more.

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