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Circuit training

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Circuit training Reaction ball This type of training is very useful. As I done my personal exercise program on cricket this test becomes very handy. The reason it becomes handy is it test you agility, reaction time and balance. In cricket you need all of these if you want to be sharp in the field. For example if a batsman plays a square cut and you are fielding at point you need to act quickly and if the ball is going to your left or right then agility skills will come into use because you will have to dive left or right to stop the ball from traveling beyond you. The reaction ball is an odd shape ball it moves in all types of direction and you need to stop it. There is loads of muscle which are working when you are using reaction ball for e.g., hamstrings, gastronomies, triceps and biceps. This is a skill related exercise. Agility The ability to change the position of the body quickly and to control the movement of your body. ...read more.


Body composition The percentage of body weight which is fat, muscle and bone. Isometric contraction Muscle contraction which results in increased tension but the length does not alter, E.g. when pressing against a stationary muscle. Hurdles This is a cardiovascular fitness and interval training. This test is essential for cricket because you need to have good cardiovascular fitness if you want to last in the field. It is also regarded as interval training because it is periods of rest and periods of work. When you finish the hurdles once you have to go back to the starting position so you can get oxygen to your working muscles. The working muscles is mainly the lower part of the body such as quadriceps, hamstrings, gastronomies, etc. This is skill and health related exercises. Cardiovascular fitness The ability to exercise the entire body of long periods of time. Interval training Periods of work and periods of rest. Bench press This is a very good test if you are a big hitter or like to find the ropes in cricket. ...read more.


This is a good warm up exercise for any sport but particular cricket because you use a lot of your legs when playing cricket so it is good to do calf raises before a match o you don't pull a muscle. Also it is very good when running between wickets you will have power in you legs to make quick singles between the wickets. Muscular endurance The ability to use voluntary muscles, many times without getting tired. Medicine ball This is a very good exercise because if you are a bowler then you need to use the medicine ball a lot. The medicine ball has loads of different weight categories then is because of the person physique. The muscle used in this exercise is biceps, triceps, deltoids. This is mainly a skill related exercise because it is to do with ply metrics which is power. This essential in cricket because you need power as a bowler if you are a fast bowler that is and sometimes it is good for spin bowling... Power The ability to do strength performances quickly. Power = speed * strength Circuit Training Usman Mirza 11D ...read more.

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