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circuit training

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Section 3 3.1 Perfect models of techniques/actions used in Fitness (Circuit Training) On the page you have just seen you will see a print off of my own designed 10 station circuit. I will be going through how to carry out each station with the correct actions and in a safe way. Key words: Type of Muscle Contractions Isotonic- "one muscle shortens (agonist), one muscle lengthens (antagonist), limb movement occurs". Isometric- "no movement, no change in muscle length" Agonist- "contracts concentrically (shortens)" Antagonist- "contracts eccentrically (lengthens)" Types of movement at a joint: Abduction- "moving a limb or bone away from the body" Adduction- "moving a limb or bone towards the body" Flexion- "Is the decreasing at the angle at a joint" Extension- "Is the increasing at the angle at a joint" Rotation: "circular movement" Station 1- 10m Shuttle run To be able to carry out a 10m shuttle run in a perfect way continuously for 45 seconds you must set up two cones 10m apart. It's simply an aerobic exercise which involves running at your own pace one cone to the other, making sure you touch the ground at both ends, until the time is up. ...read more.


But remember to progress by eventually going the full way and by doing more. The main muscle that work once this exercise is carried out is: Abdominals (sides of stomach) which flexes torso towards trunk Station 5- Star Jumps Star Jumps is an aerobic exercise used in circuit training. The perfect way to carry out a star jump is to: Step1: you start off by standing up straight with your legs together and your arms straight by your sides. Step 2: Jump up into the air into a star position arms up straight in a V Shape and legs shoulder width apart and land onto the ground like this for the ending of a star jump. Step 3: Continue at your own pace for the full 45 seconds. The main muscles being worked on in the exercise are: Deltoids (Top of shoulder) which abducts the arm Hamstrings (Back of upper leg) which flexes lower leg Gluteus maximus (In the butt) which extends leg back Station 6- Light weight lifting The perfect way to carry out a Light weight lifting exercise is to firstly get two light weights, one in each hand, and get a good grip. Have the palm of your hands facing upwards with the weight clenched in your palm. ...read more.


She has been entered into many competitions such as the Olympics and common wealth games what she sees as a great challenge in life. She has won gold medals in the Olympics for middle distance races such as the 800 meters and 1500 meters. Kelly's sport isn't fitness, her sport is middle distance running, but to be able to take part in middle distance running she must have a good level of fitness. Kelly uses many different methods of training what consists of circuit training, weight training, continuous running, heel training and speed training of the track. She trains twice everyday of the week except one day. On top of this Kelly has a balanced diet ("combination of food choices from each of the five basic food groups; This gives the body the nutrients needed for good health").Kelly has a superb working cardiovascular system as she trains frequently and increases the intensity each time so she progresses so each time she can meet extra demands of exercise that makes her fitter. Kelly has a combination of speed, stamina and strength to complete her challenges. As well as physically Kelly is very well mentally minded as she sets targets for her self both in sport and in her social life. ...read more.

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