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Circuit Training Gcse Coursework.

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Circuit Training GCSE Coursework Jenna Dawson Circuit training is a method of training. A circuit usually has 8 to 15 stations, at each station a different exercise is performed, Circuit training can improve speed, agility, muscular and cardio-vascular endurance. The circuit I have done is for basketball and is based over 3 weeks. The 9 stations are specifically suited to what is needed to play basketball. My circuit is aimed to improve the following: - Muscular endurance - keep muscles contracting for the full length of the game without becoming tired. Cardio-vascular endurance - the ability of the heart, lungs and circulation to deliver oxygen. This helps the player to keep a constant pace all through the game. ...read more.


Fitness - speed, agility and cardio-vascular endurance. Station 2 Triceps dips - A bench is needed. Sit on the bench put your hands on the bench by your side and lift yourself up and lower yourself in front of the bench, continue by lifting yourself up and down. If you find it to easy put your legs further out. Fitness - Triceps strengthening. Station 3 Skipping - With a skipping rope, skip for the duration of 30 seconds. Fitness - Cardio-vascular and muscular endurance. Station 4 Two foot jumps - Both feet together jumping from 1 cone to another. Three cones in a row. Fitness - Cardio-vascular and muscular endurance. Station 5 (skill) Chest pass - Stand a distance away from the wall and throw against the wall. ...read more.


E.g. tuck jumps and Two-foot jumps. They are both jumping activities and would also get boring. My circuit seems to suit more a shooter then a defender as I have included more shooting activities. This table shows the results from the preparation week. Station Amount How it's measured. Shuttle runs 4 1/2 There and back is 1. Triceps dips 20 Up and down is 1. Skipping 60 How long you skip for x3. Two foot jumps 33 Every cone you jump to is 1. Chest pass 25 Count every throw. Crunches 21 Count every one. Set shot 10 How many you do not how many you get in. Tuck jump 10 Count every one. Lay up shot 7 How many you do not how many you get in. I got my partner to count how many I did each time and then they recorded it. ...read more.

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