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Components of fitness

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Introduction: The components of fitness I am going to develop are both strength and cardio-vascular endurance. I want to develop my strength and cardio-vascular endurance because I want to improve in cricket. I want to develop my strength for cricket because I could bowl faster, my shots would be harder and throw would be power-full even though they are from the boundary line. I am developing my upper body strength because in cricket you need the upper body strength for example while batting, bowling and fielding. The definition of strength is: The power of resist force, sonlitiy old tufness AND the qualities of bodies by which they endure the application of force .You need strength in your daily life, especially if you play sport for Example, to lift a suitcase or if you play football then strength is need to kick the ball. If your strength is too little, you risk injury when you lift, pull or push things. I want to develop my cardio-vascular endurance for cricket because I don't want to get tired during a match. The definition of cardio-vascular endurance is: The ability of your heart to deliver oxygen to your muscles over long periods of exercise. ...read more.


Frequency: Frequency for this training program means how often I do the activities or how often I attend the gym, the answer is that I attend the gym three times in two weeks and to improve more in my specific areas I could do some of the activities at home or I could attend the gym in my own time. Intensity: This principle is very important when you're doing fitness training because this takes people of training because they don't have the intensity to do the training. I will use this principle by making training a bit harder for my self for example, I am picking up 25kilograms for my shoulder press and in my next session I will increase the weight to 30kilograms or if I am doing bicep curls with 6kilograms and then I will increase it to 8kilograms, this is called intensity. Time: The amount of time my each lesson will last is one hour. Type: The kinds of training which will help me achieve the individual goals are continuous training and interval training. These two are the best training because they are the best for aerobic training. Fartlek is not for aerobic training because when you are doing aerobic training your heart rate must be in between 120 and 170. ...read more.


2. Sit side ways on the bench and pick the weight up and while the weight is in your hand your elbow must be touching your thighs and while the weight is moving up and down your elbow must not move and you should also turn your wrist, while all this is happening the weight must touch your shoulder. Tricep Curls: The technique my teacher taught me for tricep curls is that one of your feet (right or left) must be in front of the other and your elbow has to be near your hip height and must not move while you're pulling the weight and taking it back to its position. Chest Press: The technique my teacher taught me for chest press is that your back should be straight and touching the seat and your head and neck should be still while you're pushing the weight forward. Shoulder press: The technique my teacher taught me for shoulder press is that your back should touch the seat and keep your head still and breathe in and out after each shoulder press. After finishing today program I did a cool down to prevent injury and I didn't fell any kind of pain during the session but after an hour or two I felt pain in my muscles. ...read more.

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