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Components of fitness

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Components of Fitness There are two types of fitness: General Fitness and Specific Fitness General fitness - is being able to carry out everyday jobs. To do this you need the four S's 1. Strength 2. Speed 3. Stamina 4. Suppleness Strength is how much you can pull or hold. You need your strength to be able to lift or carry things. i.e. a bag. Speed is how fast you can carry out a task. You need speed so you stay fit and speed helps you with everyday life. i.e. running for a bus. Stamina is how long you can resist tiredness; someone with good stamina can go on for longer so you are capable to go through everyday life. Suppleness is how flexible you are. You need to be flexible so you can do everyday jobs or you can strain your muscles. You need to have these four S's to be able to do everyday jobs. You need to keep your heart and lungs healthy to provide oxygen to the muscles and to maintain cardiovascular fitness for carrying out jobs such as manual labour. You also need to keep your muscles fit by using them regularly; by just going shopping and carrying bags, you are keeping your muscles fit. Your body composition can have an affect your general fitness. ...read more.


Diet can affect your performance in sport because if you do not eat food with proper nutrients in it, you can become unhealthy. Your body composition can affect your performance because if you are a different size you can have different abilities. i.e. someone who is thin (ectomorph) should beat a man at running who is fat (endomorph). This is because a man who is fat has to carry more weight. Therefore, your weight can affect your performance. Evaluating lifestyle factors There are many lifestyle factors that improve your performance. Height & Weight Your height can be a disadvantage and an advantage in different sports. For example, a tall person would be better at basketball but would not be as good in horse riding. Your weight is can also be an advantage and a disadvantage. For example, a heavier person would be better at rugby but would not be as good doing gymnastics. Illness & Injury An injury can be temporary or permanent. Many sportsmen can get injured and some can ruin their career. For most sports, you have to wear certain equipment. i.e. in football, you have to wear shin pads. Illness can also affect your ability to perform. You do not have as much energy when you are ill so sportsmen do not play. Psychological factors This is the mental strength required to make someone compete. ...read more.


All sportsmen will eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. All sports require players to wear safety equipment to prevent temporary or permanent injuries. Football players have to wear shin pads to prevent injuring their calves; the calves are a very important muscle in football. In every sport you have to warm up before the sport begins, you do this to get the muscles warmed and to prevent injuries. You also have to have a warm down after a sporting event. You need to do this so your muscles relax and are not so tense after exercise so you do not pull anything. Keeping fit is a good way of keeping your body healthy. If a fat person wanted to become fit I would recommend that they look at their diet and the amount of food they eat. I would advise them to reduce the amount of fat they eat and eat more nutritious foods i.e. fruits vegetables. I would also recommend that they increase the amount of activities they do by exercising for a certain length of time a day. As they build their stamina up they should find it easier to increase the amount they do each day and this should help them lose weight. When you are overweight, your body has to work harder but becoming fit it starts to become easier. Your stamina, speed, suppleness and strength should all increase. Mr. Ingle By Nathan Whitehead 1 ...read more.

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