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Description of two of the National Sports Centres

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´╗┐Liam Wheeler National sports centres There are five National sports centres: 1. Bisham Abbey 2. Holme pierrepont National water sports centre. 3. Lilleshall 4. Plas Y Brenin National mountain centre 5. Sheffield (EISS) 1. Each centre provides elite athletes with a range of specialist facilities, equipment, expertise and residential accommodation suitable for training and competitions. 2. The centres also offer full facilities for the general public including conferencing and banqueting, as well as beginners and improvers? programmes in most of the activities take place at each site. Here is a description of two of the National sports centres: Holme pierrepont National water sports centre In its unique setting of 270 acres of parkland, the water sports centre is an ideal environment for water activities. The centre is made up of three distinct pieces of water: 1. The regatta lake which features an international standard 2000 metre six lane vowing course. ...read more.


The centre offers a full range of facilities: 1. Rolling pool- This is an indoor heated pool that measures, 9m x 5.7m and is 1.8m deep throughout. It can be booked privately so that you can improve your kayaking skills. 2. Climbing wall- This is an 11m high tower equipped with top ropes and the option to lead routes. 3. Low ropes course- This facility is situated in the adjoining forest area. It consists of seven group challenges in separate locations along the trail. It is suitable for any age and it also improves communication and teamwork. 4. Training wall- This was designed by Plas Y Brenin instructors as a purpose build coaching facility. It incorporates real rock features- cracks, flakes corners and edges. 5. Dry Ski slope- This facility has an all-weather surface and a water mist system. Snowboarders are welcome to use this facility. ...read more.


Laundry- There is a coin operated laundry facility for all residents to use. 15. Parking- There is an off-road, hard surfaced parking for over 120 cars. Plas Y Brenin National sports centre also offers training/coaching for the following activities: 1. First aiding so that you can acknowledge how to treat someone in case of injuries. For two days training it costs £205. 2. Kayaking so that you can improve your skills and also to improve your acknowledgement of health and safety regulations during the activity. The cost of the training is £110 for one day. 3. Orienteering so that you can improve your ability and understanding of orienteering. The cost of this training costs £165 for two days. 4. Mountain biking so that you can improve on your weaknesses of biking. The cost of this training costs £230 for two days. 5. Expedition leadership so that you can improve the leadership of group activities. The cost of this training costs £150 for two days. http://www.theomm.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=27&Itemid=140 ...read more.

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