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Descriptive Piece of Writing: The Park

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Descriptive Piece of Writing: The Park Wandering through the park, engulfed by my thick coat, I stare around me with disgust. The once green and beautiful park is now grey and boring; damaged by youths. However, the park is the place where I can just come and think: it's quiet and peaceful and I feel free; away from the bustle and noise of the city. There is a chill breeze in the air, therefore most people are inside their warm houses, clustering round their coal fires, but this is when I like it best. To me, wrapped up in layers and scarves, it only feels fresh, not cold and I can think better when I'm alone. I stare at the climbing frame, once bright and colourful with a shiny slide, but now the only colour is the dull rusty red of the metal and the black of the graffiti covering it. My eyes glaze over while I reminisce about happier times spent on the climbing frame, and how I used to fly through the air, aided by the monkey bars, just like a chimpanzee swinging through a tree. ...read more.


Its iridescent quality is making me feel tranquil and serene. My eyes swim in and out of focus as my vision is replaced by one from a long time ago. The sun is sparkling in the clear blue, cloudless sky and my ears are filled with the shouts and laughter of children enjoying themselves. The park now has a new atmosphere. (This one radiates warmth and happiness as opposed to oppressing them.) I see a group of children laughing and playing together on the apparatus while another group chase each other energetically; teenage boys playing football topless, supported by a group of giggling girls; three college girls are sunbathing on the soft grass, wearing nearly non-existent bikinis, ogled in awe by drooling boys. I see a group of mothers unloading a picnic, talking about work. My eyes drift over the picturesque landscape, and fall onto a shaded patch of grass, surrounded by towering trees, where a couple sit, oblivious to the world around them. A smile forms on my lips as I watch the buy present his girlfriend with a beautiful rose. ...read more.


They're picking blackberries together. Every now and then the girl puts one in her mouth, without her grandmother noticing, and her eyes widen as the luscious fruit fills her mouth with sweetness. My attention is caught and I find myself drawn away and looking again upon the families. I watch as the ice cream van trundles through, accompanied by the familiar hypnotic tune, which is adored by children. Teenagers and children alike swarm around it, like predators surrounding their prey. There is a babble of excited voices as everyone places their requests at once; all hoping that there's will be processed first. My mouth waters - I can taste the delicious ice cream sliding down my throat. The wind blows a brown and crinkled leaf across my vision, forcing me back to reality. With a heartfelt sigh, I look around at the mess and destruction that was once a haven on a sunny day. On the breeze, I can smell the greasy stench of fish and chips: my dinner. I hurry home, before the gangs come along to get drunk and wreak havoc once more. ...read more.

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